SmartAire-030915-body.jpgTate Airflow is introducing an upgrade to the existing line of SmartAire® automatic VAV dampers. The company says the new SmartAire® MZ offers four independent control zones, a simplified user interface on the unit and on screen, and greater integration with existing DCIM and BAS systems.

SmartAire® MZ (Multi-Zone)dampers offer automatic balancing by monitoring inlet air temperature to ensure the right amount of air is always delivered to the equipment at the right time. The new dampers adjust cooling independently to four separate zones of a rack. This allows for variable loads and partially deployed areas without overcooling and wasting energy. The four individually controlled zones of the SmartAire® MZ provide cooling to approximately 10U of equipment in the rack per zone when used with the DirectAire® Al directional airflow panel. The combination provides the most granular level of airflow control available in a data center, according to company officials.

The new SmartAire® MZ also offers real time rack level monitoring and control of airflow to improve decision making and reduce operating cost. The built in BAS interface card uses SNMP or TCP/IP LAN Ethernet communications for control and monitoring each of the four temperature probes per rack. This communication allows SmartAire® MZ to go beyond automatically managing load changes to provide data that can be used to help make decisions about where to deploy new equipment