MacroAir-082012-body.jpgThe AirStar™ features industrial design styling and quiet operation.

Now the benefits of MacroAir’s 6ixBlade™ HVLS technology is available in a more compact design. With blade diameters from 8- to 12-ft, AirStar™ is an elegant solution for lower ceilings and smaller spaces. Typical ceiling fans run at higher speeds, kicking up dust, drying-out eyes and creating wind instead of relief. AirStar fans turn 50% slower and yet move 560% more air. A gentle and precise airflow means a healthier and more comfortable environment, indoors or out.

And AirStar’s industrial design is guaranteed to turn heads. A sleek aluminum drive housing and extruded aluminum aerospace blades make the AirStar a beautiful addition to any space. But the real beauty of AirStar is the energy savings. Since one AirStar fan replaces up to six conventional ceiling fans, the difference in energy consumption is dramatic.