MacroAir-120114-body.jpgMacroAir has released its new industrial fan line called AirVolution-D. According to the company, because of direct-drive motor technology, AirVolution-D is lighter, sleeker, and smarter without sacrificing power or efficiency.  By completely eliminating the gearbox that can be found on traditional high-Volume, low speed (HVLS) fans currently on the market, more than 137 moving parts have been eliminated.

AirVolution-D is currently available in three model options: 370, 550, and 780. The 370 aims to combine exceptional power in a compact design. The 550 is optimal for medium to large spaces such as auto shops, gyms, and agricultural applications. The 780 is designed for heavy-duty applications, and ideal for extra-large spaces like warehouses, airports, and stadiums.

The fans come with a 50,000-hour warranty. Run it at any speed, in any environment, and if anything needs repair, MacroAir says it will fix it or replace the fan free within 50,000 hours of use.