Victaulic-061812-body.jpgThe company’s new line of AB1 Brackets is designed for the AquaFlex® line of flexible braided sprinkler fittings.

Victaulic has introduced the AB1 Bracket as an extension to the existing AquaFlex® sprinkler fitting line of products. This new AquaFlex bracket eliminates the need for sprinkler installers to handle ceiling tiles, cut holes in ceiling tiles and coordinate with the ceiling trade on the jobsite, reducing hands-on installation time by as much as 39 percent.

“The new Style AB1 Bracket is an intuitive solution and we are excited to introduce it as an extension to the AquaFlex product line,” said Tom Savage, product manager, Fire Suppression Systems. “This new bracket delivers a new level of installation ease and dependability by allowing the ceiling trade to install all ceiling tiles. The AB1 Bracket is designed so that it does not obstruct or damage ceiling tiles, providing a faster and simpler installation, saving time and money for our customers.”

The Style AB1 Bracket benefits from all the great qualities of the AquaFlex one-piece bracket system, including:

  • Patented 1-Bee2 open-gate technology
  • Superior quality braided hose offering with mechanical unions
  • Optional pre-assembled sprinkler systems

The Style AB1 Bracket can be used with Series AQB Braided Systems (FM Approved) for suspended or hard commercial ceilings and is available in 24” and 48” lengths.

The AquaFlex product line offers fast and dependable installation, durable performance and is cost effective for maintenance and retrofit applications.