Eventsimage300.jpgVaisala has added a new seminar to its Humidity seminar series. "Monitoring & Mapping cGMP environments" was created to help GxP-compliant facilities reduce the risk of deviations being observed during audits and inspections. The new seminar reviews the relevant GMP regulations and guidances around temperature and humidity mapping and monitoring and includes a workshop where participants will get hands-on experience of temperature and humidity validation by Vaisala's experienced validation expert, Paul Daniel.

"The monitoring and mapping seminar will focus on teaching a risk-based approach to creating compliant mapping and monitoring processes," said Daniel. "Our goal is to help seminar attendees refine and focus their validation methods on what matters most to FDA inspectors and to make the most of their validation resources."

Bruce McDuffee is Vaisala's Senior Humidity Measurement instructor and has been giving the seminars throughout North America for several years. "Our Humidity seminars always play to a full-house and people often attend more than once because we give fundamental knowledge on one of the most difficult parameters to measure."

Humidity 201 includes information on humidity sensor and temperature sensor technologies, best practices in measuring dew point in compressed air, and more.

In 2012 Vaisala's North American series of seminars take place in Montreal, Canada; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Minneapolis, MN, Boulder, CO; Boston; and San Diego, CA. There is no cost for either the Humidity or the cGMP Monitoring & Mapping seminars, and participants are welcome to attend both days or one day only. For more information, visit