Grundfos-050612-body.jpgGrundfos’ BoosterpaQ® Hydro MPC pumping system is designed to optimize pumping efficiency.

The Grundfos BoosterpaQ®Hydro MPC is an integrated pumping system that offers up to six vertical, multi-stage CR pumps in parallel operation designed to optimize pumping efficiency over a range of flow rates. These pumping systems are ideal for domestic water pressure boosting, industrial process, irrigation and HVAC applications, as well as any application where variable flow requirements are present.

The integrated pumping systems utilize an advanced controller that along with VFD-controlled motors, adjust pump speed and the number of pumps in operation to meet frequently changing system demand. The MPC controller is specifically designed to control the operation of multiple parallel connected pumps based on differential pressure, proportional pressure, constant pressure, differential temperature, constant temperature, and constant flow control parameters. Moreover, the intuitive user interface makes operating the wide range of features and functions simple.