LoytecThe L-DALI CEA 709 DALI controller was awarded “Infrastructure Product of the Year“ by LonMark International.

The prize-winning LOYTEC device L-DALI controller seamlessly integrates DALI lighting solutions in LonMark systems using TP/FT-10 or Ethernet/IP (IP-852) channels. DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is part of the IEC 60929 standard. It is used to dim and switch lighting fixtures. DALI also supports devices like multi-sensors for brightness, movement, and temperature and even intelligent switches. Up to 64 DALI lighting fixtures can be controlled or monitored individually per DALI channel. All lighting fixtures are monitored for defective lamps. L-DALI can provide this information to the Building Management System (BMS) through its CEA-709 interface.

The L-DALI controller represents a DALI-Master in the DALI network. In the CEA-709 network LDALI provides an NV-Interface. Ballasts and other DALI devices can be addressed via the provided network variables. An onboard DALI protocol analyzer is embedded in the device. On the DALI network the L-DALI controller supports lamp burn in mode to protect individual lamps from premature failure. L-DALI provides cyclical testing of emergency lighting systems and battery status according to the IEC 60929 standard.

Full configuration of L-DALI can be achieved via the supplied LNS plug in or web based interface. This functionality allows for offline configuration of the DALI system and online lamp replacement. Various LonMark functional profiles are supported: Lamp Actuator, Light Sensor, Occupancy Sensor, Constant Light Controller and Sun Blind Controller. In addition to the functional profiles L-DALI provides fully capable AST (alarming, scheduling, trending), with email capability.