Johnson Controlshas released an enhanced version of its York®Commercial Comfort Systems(YCCS), a broad range of mechanical systems and integrated controls for the commercial building environment.

YCCS feature factory-installed controls and factory-configured components specially designed for commercial and light commercialusers. This integrated system of equipment, HVAC controls and accessories allows nontechnical building staff to navigate, monitor and control functions from a single intuitive user interface.

Using YCCS, building owners and operators can network single-zone, constant-volume heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) units, multiple change over bypass or VAV-zoned systems, or have a combination of both. Unlike complex and expensive building automation systems, YCCS are designed specifically for commercial unitary HVAC systems. YCCS application-specific unit controllers feature standalone functionality in a microprocessor-based device, providing internal time-clock functions for daily programming capability, holiday scheduling and automatic daylight savings time adjustment.

YCCS Version 1.2 is a factory-installed option for all York light commercial products, including the Sunline and Predator packaged gas/electric, heat pumps and hot gas reheat models. The system is also available as an option for Predator 7.5–25-ton split systems and Millennium 30 to 50-ton split systems.

In addition, VAV factory-installed controllers — easily accessible in both UST and YORKWorks®software platforms — are now offered in all York 6.5–65-ton commercial rooftop models. Dedicated YCCS VAV boxes are available without a fan or with a series of parallel fan options. Heating options include both electric heat and hot water.

Other updates include the TEC260x series thermostat controllers, which function with the YCCS system manager to provide control of heat pumps and single- and multi-stage heating/cooling equipment. The YCCS system manager also features an input/output module to monitor and control auxiliary points in a facility.

12.12.11 Johnson Controls in bodyThe control system is designed to “arrive alive” so that it can be self-installed by a contractor. The entire system starts up quickly and the color LCD touchscreen display makes it easy to use. In addition, YCCS offer a compact footprint, design flexibility and energy efficiency.