In case you weren’t sure, McCormick Place hasn’t gotten any smaller. It won’t be any less packed with equipment and people ready to talk about that equipment, either. Every year, we try to help you do a little scouting to see where you might want to plan a stop or two along the way. As usual, a bevy of companies responded to our request to participate (at no charge) in this article. Look for their booth numbers below, get more info if you’d like, and if you see something interesting, use the summaries they provided below as springboards for meaningful questions and conversation.



Spirax Sarco (#1436) will introduce its  Spirax EasiHeat DHW. This new heat exchanger, incorporating Spirax Intelligent Monitoring System (SIMS) technology, is a compact, instantaneous heat transfer package that not only helps facilities achieve savings, but decreases waste, mitigates environmental impact, and helps achieve sustainability goals. This system enables monitoring, diagnostics, and status communications. Information can be accessed in a number of ways: remotely over the internet, through onsite communication systems, or via mobile devices such as SMS text messaging, e-mail and smart phone applications.



LG Electronics USA(#5149) is showcasing its new Multi V III Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) commercial air conditioning system for large-scale facilities, such as commercial office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and schools. The third-generation in LG’s popular Multi V series uses innovative VRF technology that enables improved energy efficiency by allowing occupants to choose whether to air condition or heat only the zones in use. The system delivers key benefits including an inverter scroll, compact footprint, AHRI 1230 certification, and longer piping distances.

The MovinCoolCMW30 provides 29,400 Btuh of cooling, designed for protecting server rooms and other heat-sensitive equipment. It offers a high sensible cooling capacity, a 17-IEER rating, variable-speed inverter compressor, and inverter fan motors. Additional environmentally friendly features include R-410A refrigerant and RoHS compliance. The CMW30 comes standard with a state-of-the-art, wall-mounted controller that offers advanced communications, monitoring, and self-diagnosis capabilities (#5336).



The new VERSA IC™ fully integrated boiler control from Raypakis a giant leap beyond currently available control platforms. Features include modulating or stage fire operation, integrated temperature control, cold water protection, and individual fault monitoring. The VERSA IC is field upgradable and includes Modbus communications port standard for continuous remote supervision, trending, and troubleshooting. The control platform will be phased into all Raypak DHW and hydronic products during 2012, starting with XFyre. See the VERSA IC at booth 5327.

HydrothermKN Series condensing cast iron boilers are available in sizes ranging from 200 MBh to 3,000 MBh, with ultra-high efficiencies of up to 99%. KN-Series boilers feature HeatNet, a proprietary boiler management system. Environmentally responsible KN Series boilers are engineered to provide extremely low CO2and NOx emissions — all in a small footprint with minimal moving parts (#4269).

HeatNet was developed and manufactured by Mestek Technologiesas an onboard control platform for Hydrotherm KN Series boilers, RBI Water Heaters, and Smith Cast Iron Boilers 28HE units. HeatNet communicates with all types of boilers including mixed configurations of condensing, non-condensing, or base load applications. Capable of operating boilers as single units or multi-boiler master/member networks of up to 16 boilers, HeatNet can provide constant communication to a building management system to enable multi-function control of boilers, pumps, valves, louvers/dampers, hot water storage tanks, and outdoor reset (#4569).

Fulton(#2136) has expanded its line of popular Vantage series condensing hydronic boilers to include a 6,000,000 Btuh input model. The new Vantage 6,000,000 Btuh model features thermal efficiencies up to 99% when firing on natural gas. The introduction of the Vantage 6,000,000 Btuh input model into the hydronic heating market creates opportunities for the reduction of energy usage and overall environmental impact of systems with large energy requirements. The 6,000,000 Btuh model joins Fulton’s proven product line of Vantage 2,000,000, 3,000,000, and 4,000,000 Btuh units.



RBI Water Heaterswill showcase its expanded product offering, which includes two new sizes in the Futera XLF product line. These high-efficiency, near-condensing, copperfin boilers are now available in four sizes ranging 2,500 to 4,000 MBtuh with full modulation, a 5:1 turndown, and efficiencies to 88%. The Futera XLF utilizes HeatNet technology, an on-board digital monitoring and control device, which allows for units to be linked together (or to a BMS) and be fully integrated into a network of up to 16 individual boilers (#4269).

Lochinvar’snew Strato-Therm+ integrates three appliances into one by functioning as a solar thermal storage tank, an indirect water heater, and a buffer tank for hydronic applications. Strato-Therm+ leverages solar energy as well as the natural buoyancy of heated water to efficiently stratify the hydronic heating water. This process results in the hottest water rising to the top of the tank, which allows domestic hot water to be generated instantly. It also allows for the space heating system to access the most appropriate temperature, while the cooler water in the bottom provides enhanced solar thermal heat generation. Strato-Therm+ is available ranging from 125 to 900 gal capacities (#6712).



The Patterson Pump Company(#5185) will feature its EnviroFlohorizontal split case pumps, which offer a high-efficiency design that minimizes energy consumption and provides easy serviceability without disturbing piping connections. Designed to deliver energy efficient flows to 6,000 gpm, with heads to 160 ft tdh, these pumps offer standard case working pressure at 175 psi with an optional 250 psi is available on select models.

Victaulic(#4135) will highlight its Advanced Groove System (AGS), which is the company’s strongest large-diameter grooved mechanical piping system. The only two-piece coupling on the market available in sizes up to 60 in. in diameter, AGS offers faster and simpler installation over couplings featuring multi-segment housings.AGS-joined pipe handles higher end loads and a higher-pressure rating up to 350 psi/2,410kPA, with a nominal three-to-one safety factor.



At booth #4410, Nortecwill showcase its MH Series evaporative media humidifier, which provides both humidity and cooling while using less energy. The MH features an advanced polyester media, which can evaporate more moisture in less depth and has an industry leading UL 900 Class 1 smoke and flame rating. The MH Series is available in three models to suit any project, including an external recirculation module for recirculation units. This external module removes any mechanical and electrical components from the duct allowing for better fire ratings and easier maintenance.

Vapacwill introduce its VapaVoid horizontal packaged humidification system at booth #4753. The VapaVoid is specially designed for a drop ceiling area installation where wall space is limited. Its low profile cabinet includes a steam generator, a steam distributor, a low sound fan assembly, and all necessary operation and safety controls. For a complete installation, just provide a supply diffuser, a return grille, and insulated flexible duct in between. Installation is simplified with the multiple cabinet air inlets and outlets.



For retrofits, the new AEGIS™ Shaft Voltage Test Kit makes it easier than ever to measure and document damaging VFD-induced voltages while there is still time to head off bearing damage and motor downtime. The kit provides a powerful tool for maintenance personnel and testing contractors. The result of a collaboration between Electro Static Technology(#3717) and Fluke Corporation(#5344) and available from both companies, the kit includes a special replaceable probe tip for highly accurate voltage readings on rotating equipment.



Standex Electronicswill feature a full line-up of fluid sensing and power products at booth #3771. These products, which include micro-reed switches, custom electronic transformers, reed switch-based fluid level sensors, custom electronic components, and the custom connections to make them all work properly and install easily, are suited for the demanding needs of the HVAC market.

Tasseronis showcasing the Qwik Mini with Qwik Connects and tool-less snap-on covers at booth #3446. The patent pending Qwik Connect technology completely eliminates wire nuts, will not rattle loose, and are designed to save time and money on every installation. All Qwik Series products come with a 5-yr warranty, and are made from the highest quality materials.



At booth #5310, Tecumseh Products Companywill introduce its newest addition to the Masterflux product line — a Sierra variable-speed compressor and system controller for solar-powered A/C applications. The new controller is designed to work specifically with the Masterflux Sierra compressor lineup, a high-efficiency BLDC rotary offering with a capacity range of 400 to 15,000 Btuh (114 to 4,440 W). The unit features integrated evaporator and condenser control, including fault and low voltage protection, and it also protects electronics when used with a solar array so that voltage will not exceed the rated values.



Thybar Corporationwill showcase its seismic/wind load-rated roof curbs at booth #4452. These rated curbs will resist the effects of site-specific forces determined according to the requirements of the International Building Code or other applicable codes. Curb walls are constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel construction, and appropriate wall thickness is determined by project specific analysis of curb wall stresses generated by the seismic/wind load acting on the roof top unit. Seismic/wind load-rated curbs can be provided in insulated, non-insulated and vibration isolated styles of various heights for sloped or flat roofs.



The TM Series cooling tower from Delta Cooling Towers(#2820) is available in 250 to 2,000 cooling tons. This engineered plastic molded tower provides longer life, without the high maintenance and downtime typically associated with traditional metal towers. Features include: molded seamless leakproof sump with I-beam pockets, non-clog large orifice spray nozzles, double-wall seamless high-density polyethylene shell, premium efficient direct-drive fans, and a 15-yr warranty on tower casing. The modular design allows various cells to be isolated if required.



CertainTeed Corporation(#4362) will introduce its WideWrap™ fiberglass duct wrap product with 5-ft width. WideWrap is a foil scrim kraft (FSK)-faced flexible fiberglass blanket insulation used to insulate the exterior of rectangular and round HVAC ductwork to provide enhanced thermal efficiency that reduces unwanted heat loss or gain. When properly installed in the correct thickness, WideWrap virtually eliminates ductwork condensation problems that can often lead to mold and microbial growth. In addition, WideWrap is GREENGUARD® Certified, making it suitable for green and LEED®-focused construction projects.



Uponor(#1836) will showcase the Uponor Radiant Rollout™ Mat, a custom-designed, prefabricated, pre-pressurized network of crosslinked polyethylene (PEX-a) tubing for large commercial radiant heating and cooling applications. The mat consists of Wirsbo hePEX™ (oxygen barrier) or Uponor AquaPEX® (non-barrier) PEX-a tubing connected with ProPEX® engineered plastic (EP) fittings, which are safe for burial in the slab and offer fast onsite customization when necessary. The mat can install about eight times faster than conventional radiant tubing installation methods, potentially shaving weeks off an installation schedule.



McQuay International(#4522) will feature its new Daikin McQuay Vision Plus air handler system at the AHR show in Chicago. This air handler system is for applications requiring high static pressure, low leak construction that are typically encountered when advanced filtration and energy recovery are required. The Vision Plus option provides the ability to attain a maximum of Class 6 leakage at up to +8 in. of internal static pressure per ASHRAE’s 111 Standard. This new option further expands the flexibility of the Vision line and is an optimal solution for applications requiring increased filtration.


The newDaikin McQuaySmartSource™ water source heat pump (WSHP) product line will be previewed by McQuay International during AHR. The new line of WSHPs comes in a range of sizes and a breadth of options that include smart dehumidification, waterside economizers, and internal electric heat. The SmartSource platform is geothermal ready, including an option for factory-mounted loop water pumps. An optional 10-yr parts warranty is also available. The SmartSource inverter WSHP uses Daikin technology to continuously adjust compressor speeds, providing ultimate comfort to building occupants and very high-energy efficiencies.

ClimateMaster(#1910) will feature its Tranquility Compact (TC) Series heat pump with a vertical cabinet. Available in sizes 6 tons through 10 tons with belt-drive blowers, multiple cabinet configurations, and efficiencies to meet new ASHRAE building standards, the TC Series has an extended range refrigerant circuit, capable of ground loop applications, ground water applications, as well as water loop (boiler-tower) applications. Standard features are microprocessor controls, galvanized steel cabinet, epoxy powder coat painted front access panels, galvanized steel with epoxy powder coat painted drain pan, and TXV refrigerant metering devices.



Harsco Industrial, Patterson-Kelley’snew fabricated system is meant to provide customers with limited risk while locking in outstanding performance. All of the system components — from pumps to controls to piping — are engineered to work together and factory skid-mounted to produce superior performance in the field. Combining space heating and domestic hot water in a completely integrated package, these modular skids can fit through a 36-in. doorway. They can be positioned and joined end-to-end, side-by-side, or even in an “L” or “T” shape. Fabricated systems can be installed virtually anywhere, requiring only a single-point electrical connection and connection to utilities (#2810).



AspectFT-Nexus™ from American Auto-Matrix®(#3410) combines building integration and energy control with mainstream technology. Energy data reports can be emailed to your home, a scheduled meeting adjusts the temperature of the meeting room, and your building can detect when you have left and turn off the lights, all through conventional automation. AspectFT utilizes web applications such as Microsoft® Outlook® 2007, Apple® iCal®, Google Calendar™, Twitter™, Google Latitude™, and RSS feeds to accomplish these tasks and more.

Innotech Control Systems(#3857) has released ATOM V2.0. ATOM is Innotech’s acquisition and total optimization management solution for building services such as electrical, water, gas, and thermal energy. ATOM ensures early detection of system inefficiencies, creates ongoing savings, and helps reduce your total carbon footprint.

FieldServer Technologies(#3625) is demonstrating its full range of products at the AHR Expo Featured this year is the new QuickServer, a cost-effective, fully configurable, powerful gateway that incorporates the power of FieldServer backed by the proven FieldServer Technical Support Team. QuickServer can utilize any serial and/or Ethernet protocol found in the extensive FieldServer driver library. Also featured this year is the upgraded FS-B35 Series FieldServer, bringing together the powerful FieldServer driver library with the latest in gateway design. Upgrades include a new processing system, multiple ports, and features that range from COV.



Metraflex(#4246) now offers Revit files for virtually all of its engineered piping products, including seismic joints, expansion joints, valves, compensators, strainers, pipe guides, air vents, and more. With features and important information embedded in the files, Metraflex Revit files help engineers ensure the right products will be specified and installed in the engineered piping system. For your free files, visit



An integrated CO2sensor joins the list of sensing options available in KMC’spopular FlexStat, an integrated BACnet advanced application controller and sensor. The device has been available with temperature, humidity, and occupancy sensors. Newly introduced models of FlexStat add CO2sensors and demand control ventilation sequences. Like other built-in programming, the DCV sequences are available directly through the device menu — no PC or software is needed for set-up. When using applications with a modulating economizer option, the three types of DCV configurations are available (#3735).

Honeywell Analytics(#3810) introduces the IAQPoint2, a touchscreen, customizable monitor with ability to control three IAQ parameters (CO2, VOCs, temperature and humidity). The unit boosts energy efficiency, fresh air comfort, and the alertness and performance of building occupants through its on-demand ventilation activation, with relays triggering fans locally or via a BAS.



The National Air Filtration Association(NAFA, #1227) has released the new third edition of its Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Air Filtration Systems. The new text has two new chapters, along with updates and revisions throughout the book so that your technicians will have the latest information on best practice in air filtration service. This text will be the new text for the NAFA Certified Technician program beginning after April 2012. To get your copy, go to and download the order. ES


Spirax Sarco (#1436) will introduce its  Spirax EasiHeat DHW.


LG Electronics USA (#5149) is showcasing its new Multi V III Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) commercial A/C system for large-scale facilities.


Fulton (#2136) has expanded its line of popular Vantage series condensing hydronic boilers to include a 6,000,000 Btuh input model.


Victaulic (#4135) will highlight its Advanced Groove System (AGS).


Tasseron is showcasing the Qwik Mini with Qwik Connects and tool-less snap-on covers at booth #3446.


Thybar will showcase its seismic/wind load-rated roof curbs at booth #3446.


Uponor (#1836) will showcase its Radiant RolloutMat.


ClimateMaster (#1910) will feature its Tranquility Compact (TC) Series heat pump.


Harsco Industrial, Patterson-Kelley’s new fabricated system will debut at booth #2810.


Metraflex (#4246) is offering Revit files for virtually all of its engineered piping products.


The National Air Filtration Association (NAFA, #1227) has released the new third edition of its Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Air Filtration Systems.