Don’t get to the AHR Expo and just start wandering around. Time is money, and you can profit with a little advance research. From air curtains to water heaters, from BAS to VRF, review these company-submitted descriptions of new products released since last year’s extravaganza. Identify just a few targets of interest before you take off for Chicago, and these units won’t be the only ones boasting about improved efficiency.

Air Conditioners

Ecosaire® byDectronintroduces the Signature Series’ Precision Comfort Control (PCC), a self-contained air conditioner with the highest cooling energy efficiency rating (EER) for precision air comfort in office buildings, hospitals, hotels, museums, schools and other commercial applications. The PCC is designed to produce the industry’s maximum cooling with the minimum energy consumption and the smallest footprint per ton of air conditioning. Additionally, the PCC is designed to be the commercial building market’s quietest unit per ton system that meets NC-30 or NC-40 noise criteria.

Air Curtains

Mars Air Systemshas introduced its new LoPro commercial line of air curtains. Designed to blend aesthetically into any facility’s décor, LoPro delivers a stream of air that separates one environment from the other and deters flying insects to help improve sanitation levels. The series features variable speed and energy efficient motors. The benefit is an aesthetically pleasing air curtain, reducing the amount of their building’s conditioned air that would be lost when their doors remain open. It is available in lengths from 30 in. up to 146 in. and with doors heights up to 7 ft high.

Backup Power

Everlite Hybrid Industrieswill showcase its Hybrid fully automated indoor energy back-up system and power source for HVAC units, boilers or for use as a standalone unit to provide an instant and continual supply of energy should power fail. The unit is designed to run indefinitely as long as fuel is being supplied, such as natural gas, liquid propane, or oil. It is suited for hard-to-fit applications that don’t permit conventional generators.

RBI's Futera XLF gas-fired boiler features 4,000,000 Btuh and a 5:1 turndown.


RBI Water Heatersintroduces the Futera XLF, a high-efficiency, near-condensing, copperfin boiler offering 4,000,000 Btuh with full modulation, a 5:1 turndown, and efficiencies of 88%. The gas-fired Futera XLF has been uniquely engineered for the commercial heating and domestic water markets to provide maximum output and efficiency within industry-leading compact dimensions: approximately 29 in. wide and 69 in. high.

The KN-Series gas-fired direct vent cast iron boilers byHydrothermcombines the high 99% efficiency and small footprint of modern low mass boilers with the long life and reliability of cast iron boilers. Available with inputs ranging from 600 to 1,999 MBtuh, KN-Series boilers’ Tru-FlowTM air-fuel coupled control ensures the proper fuel-air mixture at all firing rates. The KN-Series “on board” HeatNet control technology eliminates wall-mounted control panels and provides constant communication with the building management system.

The new NeoTherm® condensing boiler fromLaars Heating Systemsis a fully packaged, space-saving hydronic solution that offers 95% energy efficiency. NeoTherm is a direct vent, sealed combustion boiler that modulates with a 5 to 1 turndown. Zero clearance to combustibles and convenient top connections (horizontal or vertical direct vent) make it a good choice for tight installations. The natural gas or LP-fired boiler features an ASME stainless steel heat exchanger, integral three-speed boiler pump, and low NOx emissions.

Raypakis bringing its new XTherm vertical modulating condensing boiler in sizes to 2,000 MBtuh. XTherm combines time-honored high recovery copper fin technology with cutting edge control and combustion advancements. A remarkably small footprint saves space for those cramped retrofit projects. Built to last, with industrial grade construction and user friendly serviceability, its extreme burner turndown produces up to 99% efficiency at low fire when it’s most needed. Meets even 2012 LoNOx standards.

Boiler Management

A new hybrid control fromHeat-Timer Corporation called the Mini-MOD-CNC automatically mixes and matches non-condensing boiler operation and condensing boiler operation to optimize efficiency of a combined system. It also allows for mixed control of modulating and staging boilers, since condensing boilers typically have modulating burners and non-condensing boilers typically have staging or on/off burners. The control automatically switches to high mass boilers when the building heat requirements approach design loads. So high mass boilers operate when they are most efficient (at peak loads) and condensing boilers operate when they are most efficient (at part load).

The 274 and 275 are the newestTekmar Control Systems Ltd.boiler staging controls for multiple boiler installations. They are the first standalone boiler controls featuring tekmarNet®4 (tN4) Networking technology. Both the 274 and 275 operate up to four boilers using PID staging to maximize system efficiency. The 274 operates on-off boilers while the 275 operates modulating boilers. The controls are also compatible with the Gateway 483 for remote access and monitoring via the internet.

Heat-Timer Corp.'s Mini-MOD-CNC control mixes and matches condensing and non-condensing boiler operation for maximum efficiency.

AERCO’s Boiler Management System II (BMS II) maximizes fuel savings in multi-unit installations of the company’s condensing and fully-modulating boilers. The BMS II can coordinate the operation of up to 32 AERCO Benchmark, KC1000 or Modulex boilers. In sizes ranging from 300,000 to 3 million Btuh, all of these condensing boilers feature high turndown – up to 23:1, depending on unit. By controlling multiple units with the BMS II, building owners maximize the turndown and operating efficiency of the overall boiler plant.

TheFenwalmercury-free 35-72P ignites the pilot flame on LP or natural gas heating equipment, providing high-energy sparking, dependable flame sensing, and automatic control of the main gas valve. A custom control sequence within the system opens the main gas valve only after the pilot flame is sensed. The unit is also suited for use in specialty applications not requiring gas valve control, -and the V1 output can be used to indicate presence of the flame.

Building Automation / ems

Alertonexhibits its BCM-WEB, a cost-effective BACtalk™ control module (BCM) Web server that automatically reads building automation system BACnet® data from Alerton’s BACtalk system and translates the data to webpages. The BCM-WEB is powered by the NiagaraAX platform and combines with other global controllers to form integrated third-party communications solutions. The BCM-WEB enables users to easily create and edit schedules, alarms, and trendlogs. It can also easily Web-enable an existing IBEX system for current Alerton customers.

Honeywell shows a new version of its Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI), a facility management platform that boosts efficiency and reduces operating costs by integrating core building technology - HVAC, security, life safety, lighting, and energy systems. The latest release, EBI R400, provides a more unified and detailed view of these systems across a network backbone that leverages industry-standard open system protocols. The new features include enhanced reporting capabilities, an improved facility model, and updated global scheduling.

Alerton's BCM-WEB BACtalk™ control module reads BACnet® data and translates it to webpages.

CRAC Units

Emerson Network Power has introduced a technologically-enhanced, chilled water-based computer room air conditioning unit (CRAC) built to offer greater energy savings to large data centers. The Liebert CW available in up-flow and down-flow configurations and in cooling capacities up to 181 kW. The system, which uses existing building chilled water supply as the cooling source, is available with energy saving variable speed blower options and the larger down-flow models are available with optional energy efficient EC plug fans, which achieve the highest level of energy efficiency.

Honeywell's Enterprise Buildings Integrator is a facility management platform designed for building control.


Tjernlund Product Inc.will exhibit the Dryer Duct Booster®, suitable for restrictive or long dryer exhaust duct runs over 25 equivalent ft while maintaining proper velocity in duct runs up to 100 equivalent feet. Features include the Lint Blitzer™ material handling blower wheel, a 50 W permanently lubricated motors, and a 5-yr no-clog guarantee. A vibration isolated mounting bracket rotates 360° to accommodate any mounting orientation.

DuctSox® will exhibit UnderFloorSox™ (UFSox™), an air dispersion system designed to reduce thermal decay and improve temperature consistency within the plenum UFAD systems for retrofits and new construction. In applications, the system features a modular configuration as active linear dispersion sections to uniformly mix the supply and plenum air, which minimizes diffuser adjustments to maintain set point temperatures throughout the occupied space. This ensures the occupied space’s partial displacement temperature gradient remains stable.

ClimateMaster's Tranquility 16™ Compact (TC) Series heat pumps feature EarthPure® HFC-410A refrigerant.

Heat Pumps

ClimateMasteroffers its Tranquility 16™ Compact (TC) Series water-source heat pumps with EarthPure® HFC-410A zero-ozone-depletion refrigerant. It is extremely environmentally friendly, boasts a small cabinet, is compatible with thousands of older water source heat pumps, and utilizes scroll compressors to exceed ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency requirements. The series is available in sizes from 1¼ to 5 tons and is geothermal-capable.

Space-Ray's Infrared Heaters' positivepressure, low-intensity tube heatersfeature the Innovative Tube IntegritySafety System™.


Space-Ray Infrared Heaters will show a new line of positive pressure, low-intensity tube heaters with patent-pending Innovative Tube Integrity Safety System™ (TISS). The heaters are available in eight models and over 100 different configurations, and the new PTS/PTU Series tube heaters have capacities ranging from 40,000 Btuh to 200,000 Btuh and minimum mounting heights of 10 to 18 ft. The heaters are suited for retrofitting existing push through systems and are certified for vented (sidewall or through the roof venting) or indirect vented operations, depending on application requirements.

Heat Exchangers

Danfosshas expanded its portfolio of heat exchangers with the introduction of the company’s own range of microchannel heat exchangers through its joint venture, Danfoss Sanhua. Microchannel heat exchangers have been used for more than 20 years by automotive manufacturers who wanted efficient heat exchange in a compact design. With the microchannel heat exchangers, the company reports systems that reduce refrigerant charges by as much as 40%. Also, high efficiency makes it possible to achieve the same effect in a smaller system, thereby reducing total system costs.

DRI-STEEM's line of microchannel heat exchangers are designed to reduce refrigerant charges by asmuch as 40%.


DRI-STEEMbrings what it calls another energy and water efficiency breakthrough for their Ultrasorb steam dispersion panels. Model XV combines the proven energy savings of high-efficiency tubes with a condensate management. The innovative design utilizes high-efficiency dispersion tubes to reduce condensate production, heat gain, and wasted energy; employs the heat and pressure of existing boiler steam to vaporize dispersion generated condensate; returns an equal volume of pressurized condensate to the boiler; and does not waste condensate to the drain.

Aquatherm's piping and insulation systems allow for installation in tight spaces.

Piping / Couplings / Support

Aquathermwill exhibit its piping and insulation systems, including its Advanced pipe wrap insulation. Traditional systems require 1 to 1½ in. fiberglass insulation to achieve the same R-value ratings as the Aquatherm Advanced piping system. The reduced diameter of this insulated pipe is designed to allow for installations in much tighter spaces than metal/fiberglass combinations.

Watts Radiantexhibits its addition of 3/8 in. PEX-AL-PEX to its RadiantPEX-AL line. With reliable, easy-to-use compression fittings and greater flexibility, RadiantPEX-ALis designed to be the most installer-friendly composite tubing available. Now with sizes from 3/8 in. to 1 in., RadiantPEX-AL is constructed for any radiant or hydronic distribution needs.

Uponor is introducing the Engineered Plastic (EP) Heating Manifold for radiant applications. Comprised of thermoplastic, high-performance, advanced materials, this new manifold resists corrosion, pitting, scaling, elevated chlorine levels, and ultraviolet light and is suitable for use under conditions of high impact, heat and moisture for an extremely durable, cost-effective radiant product solution. The EP Heating Manifold is available in two through eight loops and accommodates 15.4 gpm. Single loops are also available for purchase to extend the service up to 12 loops total.

Victaulic’s Style 177 QuickVic Flexible Coupling is an extension of the company’s patented existing installation-ready product line. The unit features the same performance capabilities as existing standard flexible grooved couplings, but is designed to install in half the time. The coupling is available in 2 to 6 in. sizes and is easily assembled with a standard socket or impact wrench.

Isolating the pipe from the building, the Glide riser guide fromMetraflexisolates 96% of transmitted noise. In addition, the Glide riser guide reduces installation time and reduce costs. Attaching to the floor and ceiling, the Glide allows designers and installers to locate the riser wherever it is needed, eliminating the need to locate the riser near a solid wall.

Portable HVAC

MovinCoolhas rolled out the new Office Pro 63, the largest system offered in the company’s lineup. The Office Pro 63 is a 460V, three-phase system that provides 60,000 ETL-verified Btuh of cooling. It is designed to cool large spaces with ease, and to serve as the ideal solution for heat-sensitive server/telecom equipment rooms. The Office Pro 63 was also designed to offer the ultimate in convenience, with a programmable digital controller for automatic operation after-hours and on weekends, and a condensate pump kit. Additionally, the system offers a two-speed fan to control airflow.

Dwyer's adjustable differential pressure switch is available with settings from 0.08 up to 16 in. w.c.

Sensors / Switches / Etc.

ROTRONICwill exhibit the HygroClip 2, the second generation of the HygroClip family, which features AirC xip 3000 technology. Its capabilities include the compensation of humidity and temperature at 30,000 reference points, the recording of 2,000 data points, and the calculation of dewpoint. Other features include a guaranteed system accuracy of <0.8 % rh and 0.1°C, improved response time, and new filter technology.

Dwyer Instruments, exhibiting its new Series ADPS adjustable differential pressure switch. The Series is designed for pressure, vacuum, and differential pressures. The scaled adjustment knob allows changes to the switching pressure to be made without a pressure gauge. The ADPS is available with settings from 0.08 in. w.c. (20 Pa) up to 16 in. w.c. (4,000 Pa). The silicone diaphragm and PA 6.6 body make the series ADPS perfect for use with air and other noncombustible gases. The Series ADPS can be used in monitoring air filters, ventilators, and industrial cooling-air circuits along with controlling air and fire-protection flaps, and many other applications.

Honeywell Analyticswill introduce new gas monitoring and IAQ instrumentation. These new solutions offer advanced, rapid-response monitoring of refrigerant, toxic, and flammable gases found throughout a commercial building site. The company offers a complete solution for refrigerant and flammable gas sensing instrumentation required for mechanical rooms, a low-cost refrigerant detector; and NO2and CO monitoring through the industry’s first wireless gas monitoring system designed specifically for parking garages; and IAQ instrumentation for CO2/temperature/humidity monitoring.

With 16 copper 10/100 Mbps ports, Contemporary Controls’ new Plug-and-Play EISK16-100T switch is designed as the answer for increasing the functionality of your network. This compact switch only occupies 41 mm of DIN-rail space, making it perfect for areas with limited space. Housed in a metal enclosure, it provides reliable connectivity for industrial and building automation systems in a cost-effective manner, backed by a five-year warranty. The EISK16-100T will auto-configure each port for data rates at 10 or 100 Mbps and cable requirements.

Smoke Detectors

System Sensorwill exhibit its InnovairFlex™ duct smoke detector line which is designed to allow one unit to accommodate multiple installation footprints to overcome mounting constraints. Features include optimal false alarm immunity, a broad temperature range from -4°F to 158° (-20°C to 70°C), easily visible status indicators, and a readily accessible test feature. For increased ease of installation, technicians can now install the new sampling tubes for InnovairFlex from the front or back without using tools by snapping them into place.

UVC Technology

A new Steril-Zone™ room air purifier that uses an innovative three-stage process to clean the air in rooms up to 1,000 sq ft is now available fromSteril-Aire, Inc. Safe and ozone-free, the portable air purifier incorporates the company’s multi-patented and award-winning UVC Emitter™ to clean the air of bacteria, mold and viruses. The UVC lamp combines with a high efficiency air filter and long-life carbon filter to remove all three categories of indoor air pollutants and irritants: particulates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and microorganisms.

McQuay's scroll compressor Templifier water heaters are available in sizes ranging from 500 to 3,000 MBtuh.

VRF Systems

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division has updated its Y- and R2-Series CITY MULTI Variable Refrigerant Zoning Systems to provide even greater cooling and heating capacity and application flexibility. The new lineup consists of 6-, 8- and 10-ton outdoor unit modules, which can be combined to form an outdoor unit system of up to 30 tons. Both the new Y-Series heat pump and the R2-Series heat recovery system outdoor units are smaller. The 6-ton module is small enough to fit through a standard-sized doorway. The units feature increased pipe length and a dipswitch for adjustable static pressure.

Water Heaters

NewMcQuay scroll-compressor Templifier water heaters reduce energy costs by recovering waste heat and making it available for space heating and domestic hot water. Ideal for hotels, hospitals, healthcare centers, schools, athletic facilities, and manufacturing plants, the units range from 500 to 3,000 MBtuh and can heat water up to 160°F (71° C). The Templifier’s hermetic scroll compressors feature low sound levels for quiet operation, and the McQuay Open Choices control feature allows easy integration with BACnet, LonTalk, or Modbus protocols.

ICM's ICM492 single-phase, digital line voltage monitor is designed to protect single-phase equipment from low and high voltage conditions.


Cliplight Manufacturing is bringing DRY-R™, which it says is the first true moisture-removing additive that eliminates H2O in air conditioning systems by changing its chemical composition rather than masking or converting it to oil-like substances. DRY-R chemically changes H2O to a low viscosity, non-oily, highly soluble and residue-free liquid that flows freely throughout the system without chemically attaching to commonly-found system contaminants. Instead of a particulate, gel or soft polymer formation, the new liquids stabilize the system by lowering the overall H2O ppm within the oil.

ICM Controls Corporationshowcases its new ICM492 Single-Phase, Digital Line Voltage Monitor. The unit is designed to protect single-phase equipment against low and high voltage conditions and rapid short-cycling. The ICM492 effectively monitors and displays real-time voltage, with the ability to field-adjust parameters at the push of a button to meet the specific needs of the user. Adjustable over and under voltage settings set the boundaries for safe operation of your equipment. The response time on the fault condition can also be easily fine-tuned to help reduce nuisance trips.ES