American Auto‐Matrix® has released the AspectFT‐Nexus™ area controller. This device is designed to integrate and manage a wide array of HVAC, monitoring, and critical building systems while giving the user the power and convenience of modern web technologies. With the AspectFT‐Nexus, users get the horsepower of a server with additional ports for building automation applications.

Auto MatrixThrough the use of the AspectFT® technology, a standard web browser can be used to access web pages designed to display critical building information, including historical trends, alarms, energy data, and more. In addition, common internet services like Twitter™, RSS, and email can be used to access data from an array of smart devices.

With integration to programs like Microsoft® Outlook® 2007, Apple® iCal®, and Google Calendar™, users can schedule their building zones from virtually anywhere without the learning curve associated with most BAS.

“Most people in a building only think about the building systems when there is a problem. This is the way it should be. If we are doing our job, the occupants should not even know we are there. With AspectFT a user can, for example, schedule a meeting in a room, or a snow day for a school and the building will automatically adjust when it is appropriate. This is done through programs designed by companies like Apple®, Google™, and Microsoft®. Programs our users are already using in everyday life,” said Rocky Moore, director of business development for American Auto‐Matrix.

 With AspectFT‐Nexus users get the convenience of the internet combined with a powerful building control solution.