Recognized internationally for years, and formally known as Aquatherm FireStop Fusiolen® PP-R, Aquatherm Red Pipe is now available in the North American market through RedPipe Industries. The fire protection product has been approved by FM Global for use in wet pipe automatic sprinkler systems in light hazard occupancies. The highly engineered polypropylene-random (PP-R) pressure pipe has FM approval in the FM 1635 class (No. 3036285) and belongs to the Aquatherm family of PP-R piping systems (which includes Greenpipe®, Climatherm®, and Lilac). It also features many of the same advantages as other Aquatherm systems:

  • Resists corrosion, rust, and scale buildup, resulting in constant flow, which reduces the need for costly maintenance.
  • Connected by heat-fusion welding, no sealants, or adhesives are required for leak-free, permanent connections.
  • Heat-fusion welding is quick — a joint can be welded in 10 seconds and full system pressure tests can be conducted within minutes — reducing installation time and labor costs.
  • Resistant to environmental stress cracking.
  • It is opaque and does not promote microbiological growth.
  • High impact strength and freeze resistance, with lower weight than metal pipes.

Eco-friendly Benefits

Aquatherm Red Pipe is fully recyclable and its base material, PP-R, requires the least amount of energy and has the smallest carbon footprint of all piping materials. No harmful waste products are created when the pipe is processed or disposed. Aquatherm Red Pipe contains no CPVC, PVC, BPA, plasticizer or chlorine – chemicals that can release hydrochloric gases or dioxins (known carcinogens) when burned. When Red Pipe burns, it does not put firefighters and building occupants in danger of breathing in harsh and toxic chemicals.

The Future of Fire Protection Piping

With pipe diameters ranging from ¾ to 4 in., Aquatherm Red Pipe can be utilized in a range of light commercial and residential applications. The pipe and fittings carry a 50-year rating as well as Aquatherm’s 10-year warranty on materials, labor, and incidental damage. For more information on specifying an Aquatherm Red Pipe Fire Protection System, please visit or call (877) 703-PIPE.