A manufacturer of advanced metering and flow measurement solutions, Badger Meter (BMI) has launched the Data Industrial® 340 BN/MB Btu Energy Transmitter for submetering applications. The 340 BN/MB combines the benefits of three previous models into one economical and compact unit to provide precise thermal measurement for HVAC, building and facilities management, irrigation, and process applications.

An onboard microcontroller and digital circuitry on the 340 BN/MB Btu Energy Transmitter produce precise measurements and accurate, drift-free outputs. Real-time flow rate, flow total, temperatures, energy rate and energy total can be accessed when the unit is connected to a PC or laptop computer. The Badger Meter Data Industrial® 340 BN/MB Btu Energy Transmitter can be mounted easily on panels, DIN rails, or enclosures.

For details, visit http://www.badgermeter.com/Industrial/ImpellerProducts/Transmitters/340-BN-MB-Btu-Energy-Transmitter.aspx.