Agilewaves is fielding a next generation Building Energy Management System that combines advanced sensor technologies with web-based software for real-time energy management, at what it says is a fraction of the cost of traditional submeters or building automation systems.

“Now any facility manager can reap the benefits of Energy Management, in just weeks and without disruption to building operations. With real-time data on where and when energy is consumed, Agilewaves provides actionable information to let operators achieve energy savings via no-cost or low-cost measures”, said Peter Sharer, CEO, Agilewaves.

The Agilewaves BEM system features sensors to collect data on electric, water, and gas consumption, along with a data store, dashboard, and energy diagnostic reports to provide trends by time-of-day, building areas or individual systems. This allows building operators to use time-stamped snapshots to profile loads; detect unnecessary use; and test schedule or set-point changes to optimize building operations.

Agilewaves is announcing solution packages that will support day-to-day Building Energy Management at three levels of measurement granularity: Major Load Profiling, Building Submetering, and End-Use Metering. Systems install in under 2 weeks, with turnkey solutions starting at under $6,000.

As part of its goal to bring day-to-day energy management to a broad range of commercial buildings, Agilewaves is also actively recruiting partners from MEP, architect, engineering and commissioning firms.