Daikin AC (Americas), Inc.has introduced a new ducted Outdoor Air (OA) Processing fan coil unit for use with Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV®) condensing units (air-cooled and water-cooled). Daikin’s OA Processing unit, model FXMQ_MFVJU, can be connected to both Heat Pump and Heat Recovery VRV outdoor units allowing for even greater application flexibility. Daikin is currently the only manufacturer with the ability to combine an OA Processing unit with a heat recovery VRV/VRF system.

“The introduction of the Outdoor Air Processing unit offers our customers a full Daikin HVAC building solution - comfortable cooling and heating, required ventilation and centralized controls. It also helps address indoor air quality needs and assists our customers in complying with various building and conservation codes,” said Christina Trondsen, director of marketing.

“The OA Processing ducted unit is available in 636, 989, and 1,236 cfm capacities and allows the introduction of fresh air (up to 100%) to complement the cooling & heating function delivered by the VRV systems. It is ideal for use in a wide range of commercial applications where ventilation is required,” explained Lee Smith, director, product, engineering and applications. The indoor unit is controlled to a set cooling (55° to 77°F) and heating (64° to 86°F) discharge air temperature allowing the flexibility to integrate with a standard Daikin indoor unit or duct directly to the space and the indoor unit connects directly into the Daikin local and centralized control suite.

A low profile design of only 18.5” high reduces the required installation space and can eliminate the need for mechanical rooms or additional structural supports associated with traditional outside air systems. The OA Processing unit is compatible with outdoor temperatures ranging from 23°F to 109°F and has optional high efficiency filters rated at MERV 8 or 13.

-- Daikin