The new AB-QM pressure independent control valve (PICV) from Danfoss Heating provides a perfect flow limiter and a control valve in one compact package.

The AB-QM valve can be used as a standalone, automatic flow limiter valve or as a combined flow limiter and control valve when fitted with a wide range of Danfoss actuators, providing accurate and stable flow. The actuators are available in several control strategies: 0 to10 Volt, pulse-width modulation, on/off thermal, and on/off and 0 to 10 Volt electric actuators.

As a result, the AB-QM valve can be used in all cooling and heating applications. It’s the perfect choice for controlling terminal units such as fancoils, water source heat pumps, chilled ceilings and AHUs.

For installers, setting the valve is straight forward - as easy as setting a watch - and can be done without tools. This easy-setting procedure makes late changes in the design, or subsequent system modifications, simple to implement.

The valve’s authority no longer needs to be calculated because the AB-QM features a unique design that ensures 100% authority with all settings and differential pressures. This increases control quality and precision, leading to increased comfort in the building.

In addition to easy setting and increased comfort, the AB-QM ensures reduced installation and commissioning costs and increased energy savings. And the valve’s compact design makes it easy to install in areas where space is limited.

“The new AB-QM valve demonstrates Danfoss’ commitment to bringing to market innovative, high-quality products that help our customers reduce their energy costs, improve indoor comfort and help the environment,” said Lyle Moroz, vice president, Danfoss Heating. “We are quite proud of the AB-QM’s achievements in these areas.”

The AB-QM is available in various valve sizes ranging from 1/2 in. to 1¼ in., with sizes up to 6 in. coming soon. The AB-QM is available with NPT, solder, and complete coil kit solutions.