Introducing the first, and only, fully integrated, commercial ventilation unit. The new Reznor Z Series precisely combines the benefits of a heat pump and an energy recovery wheel into one unit. This hybrid unitary product maximizes the entire system.

The Z.62e provides the building design professional with a tested, verified plug-and-play product. The low cost, high efficiency unit will meet the design goals of LEED and ASHRAE standards (90.1 & 62.1).

During the winter months, when the outdoor air temperatures are between -10°F and 45°F, the unit modulates the DX heat pump system and the total enthalpy wheel to provide 70°F heated air to the space. The Z Series can heat up to 1500 cfm of outside air with a COP of 6.23 at 0°F.During the warmer months, the unit delivers dehumidified, 70°F fresh air to the building with EER exceeding 17.0.

The true energy savings generated by the Z.62e directly impacts the building owner’s bottom line with through lower utility bills.

-- Reznor