Kele, Inc.has introduced the latest addition to its extensive product line ― the TT-470 Series Tilt Transducer. The TT-470 is a programmable, 2-wire, 4-20 mA loop-powered device specifically designed to provide analog positive position indication for a damper or valve. It looks and installs much like a damper end switch, but it’s a transducer with an analog output instead of a contact/digital output.

The TT-470 is quickly and easily field programmable using an integral pushbutton, setting the 4-20 mA to match the desired rotational stroke, mounts on a horizontal shaft, and comes in 2 models―the TT-470 with a ½-in. crank arm and the TT1-470 with a 1-in. crank arm.

-- Kele