The Camfil Farr 30/30 high-capacity MERV 8 pleated panel filter sets the standard for medium efficiency filtration, and is ideally suited for virtually all applications and facilities. An innovative media uses a proprietary fiber blend. Media is lofted to enhance depth-loading, and maximize service life. The high lofting also lowers resistance to airflow. Camfil Farr media efficiently cleans the air without any electrostatic charge (which by nature, always dissipates quickly over time.)

The exclusive radial pleat design of the 30/30 provides the longest life and lowest average pressure drop, which reduces the frequency of filter changes, and lowers the fan power needed to move air though the filter. The result is an immediate reduction in utility expense, and fewer filters to dispose of later. Filter bypass is virtually eliminated because the filter fits securely and the media is bonded to the frame. Diagonal support members are bonded to each pleat to maintain optimal pleat spacing and further enhance stability.

Because 30/30 filters are replaced less often than conventional filters, waste burdens and carbon footprint are reduced, along with the labor and other costs associated with more-frequent filter changes.

The 30/30 has an Energy Cost Index (ECI) of 5 stars, the highest performance rating awarded to any filter. Like all Camfil Farr premium grade filters, it is backed by an unprecedented performance guarantee.

-- Camfil Farr