Distech Controls has introduced EC-NetAX Security, an integrated Access Control and CCTV solution built on the NiagaraAX Framework. EC-NetAX Security is a fully scalable solution suitable for projects ranging from single door installations to multi-building deployments, and features an intuitive Web interface that can be easily configured and managed by Security, IT, or Human Resources departments.

The EC-BOS-6AX Security is an all-in-one IP-based controller that has the power and capacity to connect to Access Control readers, intrusion keypads, CCTV cameras, lighting controllers, and HVAC control systems using the LONWORKS® and BACnet® protocols. Building owners that deploy Distech Controls’ integrated building management system can reap the energy savings benefits delivered through coordinated control of Access/CCTV, HVAC, and Lighting in their facilities, and save up to 30% in energy-related costs.

EC-NetAX Security can be easily added to a new installation or an existing EC-NetAX system, and can also be integrated with various IT and enterprise applications, streamlining business operations and increasing efficiencies. The integrated CCTV solution interfaces with many leading video equipment manufacturers and provides quick access to video playback related to individual alarm events.

“We are confident that commercial building owners will appreciate the significant energy savings and operational efficiencies that can be gained by implementing an integrated system that includes our EC-NetAX Security solution,” comments Ahmed Hirani, P. Eng., Executive Vice President, Sales, Distech Controls. ”Moreover, the ability for building operators to easily add EC-NetAX Security to a Distech Controls system at any time provides unmatched flexibility and ensures the long-term performance of their building management system.”