McQuay International announced the availability of a modulating hot gas reheat option for McQuay RoofPak™ Applied and Maverick™ II Commercial Rooftop Systems, allowing building owners to optimize dehumidification to better control and maintain a desirable air temperature without using additional energy to reheat cooled air.

The factory-installed modulating hot gas reheat option on McQuay rooftop systems provides optimum humidity and temperature control in the conditioned space. Through compressor control and by modulating hot gas to the reheat coil, the systems maintain a constant dew point and constant air temperature leaving the cooling coil. These systems also qualify for LEED “charge per ton” credit, earning building owners one extra LEED credit for Energy and Atmosphere in LEED for New Construction Version 2.2.

The modulating hot gas reheat option features MicroTech® III controls with integrated compressor and reheat control to automatically energize reheat when dehumidification is needed. Modulating valves on both the condenser coil and reheat coil provide precise modulation. Further enhancements on RoofPak systems allow +/-1 degree of supply air temperate control. McQuay rooftop systems with modulating hot gas reheat are ideal for use in hospitals, laboratories, churches, theaters, and schools.

For more information on modulating hot gas reheat for McQuay rooftop systems, visit or call (800) 432-1342.