The Copeland Scroll® ZRK5 compressor for residential and light commercial air conditioning applications is a post-2010 offering for U.S. aftermarket service applications and is optimized for R-22 refrigerant, as well as R-407C. Available from 1.5 to five horsepower, it is based on the latest Copeland Scroll technology, including 20 new design enhancements – nine of which are patented – over the current R-22 Copeland Scroll compressor models. These features provide improved reliability and efficiency, as well as quieter operation.

The new compressor also consolidates the Copeland Scroll unitary service offering from 51 to 12 basic models, for easier compressor stocking throughout the channel. The Copeland Scroll ZRK5 compressors will be available with optional POE lubricant, for increased compatibility with R-22 and HFC refrigerants and is shipped in a single pack with the molded plug wiring harness, mounting parts and installation instructions.

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