Commercial refrigeration contractors and OEM design engineers now have more options with the introduction of 18 new Tecumseh VS Series scroll compressors for use with R404A. The new compressor models further expand Tecumseh’s scroll offering to include a range of medium and low temperature designs in the most desirable capacities up to 6 HP.

The Tecumseh VS Series scroll compressor is designed specifically for commercial refrigeration applications and has been optimized to deliver maximum efficiency. Other design features include less moving parts (30% less than comparable reciprocating compressors) for high reliability; fixed scroll set and floating scroll tip seal for improved efficiency with no wear-in period; and industry standard mounting foot print and refrigerant connections.

VS Series Scroll compressors also are used in Tecumseh’s line of indoor and outdoor scroll condensing units. The entire line of scroll condensing units is equipped with generous coil surfaces to insure peak performance over a wide-range of operating conditions. Other features include single panel access (for controls and electrical hook-ups) to simplify installation and, heavy-duty steel base plates, coated fan guards and fan shrouds for maximum durability.

Tecumseh scroll compressors and condensing units are readily available through the company’s extensive network of authorized wholesalers. Performance test samples are also available on request to qualified Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Tecumseh has a long history in developing reliable, energy efficient compressors for domestic refrigerators and freezers, and air conditioning applications, as well as compressors, condensing units and complete refrigeration systems for commercial refrigeration applications. The Tecumseh VS Series Scroll offers the latest in efficiency and reliability required for today’s markets.