Farr Air Pollution Control (APC)has become the first dust collection supplier to introduce a line of premium efficiency fan motors that offer operational and energy cost savings and green benefits to dust collector users – all at a comparable price to conventional motors. The premium efficiency fan motors now come as standard equipment on all new Farr Gold Series® cartridge dust collectors at no additional cost, and may also be ordered from the company for replacement or retrofit applications.

Launched as part of Farr APC’s green initiative, this free upgrade to premium efficiency fan motors offers a timely solution to the growing problem of energy waste from industrial electric motors, the single largest end use of electricity in the United States. The premium efficiency motors are designed to meet or exceed requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), which becomes effective in December 2010 and contains more stringent energy performance standards for a wider range of industrial motors.

Manufactured by Baldor®, the motors utilize such features as larger-diameter copper wire, more iron and premium-grade steel, superior bearings and other special components that achieve cooler operation and more efficient performance. The result is a motor that can pay for itself in reduced electrical power use. Added savings are often possible through rebates and incentive programs offered by many electric utilities. Also, because they run cooler, the premium efficiency motors can be used with variable frequency drives (VFDs) for optimum fan speed control and energy savings. The motors typically last longer than standard efficiency products, contributing further to sustainability.

The new product line includes models from 3 to 50 HP to fit different fan designs, airflow capacities and voltage requirements. Multiple fan motors can be used to achieve additional capacities.