Roberts-Gordon LLC, an international manufacturer of HVAC equipment, accessories and controls, introduces the ULTRAVAC™ BACnet® Control.

ULTRAVAC™ controllers modulate the burners of ROBERTSGORDON® CORAYVAC® low-intensity, high-efficiency condensing infrared heating systems. ULTRAVAC™ controllers run a standalone proprietary program, so with the addition of the BACnet® Control, the ULTRAVAC™ system can communicate with third-party building management systems using BACnet®. Communication of data points from the ULTRAVAC™ system to the building management system allows building  managers and end users to seamlessly integrate ULTRAVAC™ into a single controls solution shared between multiple mechanical systems in the building.

Custom-programmed, the ULTRAVAC™ Controller provides optimized heating systemmanagement through a PC-based software package. For BACnet® interface capability, one BACnet® Control is connected to the ULTRAVAC™ central controller, which communicates to the network of controllers. The PC used for onsite programming must run one of the following operating systems: DOS, Windows® 95 (at least SR2), Windows® 98, 2000, NT, XP and must have a network card (must support10Mbit/s Ethernet). Programming software is included.

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