On the brink of their 15 year anniversary comesTakagi’smost revolutionary tankless water heater ever. Installers will love Takagi’s newest model, the T-H2, because it is a high efficiency condensing tankless water heater with features designed specifically to make life so much easier for them.

With the T-H2, installers can finally vent with PVC instead of stainless steel. PVC venting provides zero clearance so it is easier to install, and it is less expensive compared to stainless steel so it will help reduce some of the installation costs passed onto the customer. The T-H2 will work with four inch PVC pipes.

The T-H2 will also feature a front panel LED screen that displays temperature settings and codes. This built-in digital readout will provide for easier maintenance and troubleshooting. Installers will not have to use dipswitches because they can finally see what temperature is actually being inputted. The digital display will also come with up and down buttons so users can choose from among 16 different temperatures ranging from 100° to 185°. Takagi is the first manufacturer to have the temperature readout built into the unit’s computer board and displayed on the front panel of the heater so that it can be easily read without ever taking the cover off or using a remote.

“The versatility with this unit is unparalleled,” says Takagi’s General Manager Koji Matsumura. “Everything you can possibly need or want in a light commercial/heavy residential unit is found in the T-H2. You have efficiency, power, reliability, endless hot water, energy savings, a long life span, heavy duty components to ensure its durability and an installation that is straightforward and trouble-free. Not to mention the additional savings you gain with PVC venting alone. The T-H2 is Takagi at its best.”

Following in the footsteps of its older brother, the T-H1, the T-H2 is expected to possess an extremely high thermal efficiency of 92%, which would make it the second highest efficient unit in Takagi’s line-up. It will also have a low activating flow rate of 0.5 gpm and a maximum flow rate of 9 gpm. However, unlike its big brother, up to four T-H2’s may be easily linked together without the need for an additional control box, thus providing for even larger applications.

Keeping in line with Takagi’s exceedingly high quality standards for all its commercial units, the primary heat exchanger on Takagi’s T-H2 is made with the most advanced copper alloy on the market, HRS35, which is now a signature trademark for all of Takagi’s commercial units. Its secondary heat exchanger, which handles the condensing portion of the unit, is made with #316L stainless steel, which is one of the highest quality grades of stainless steel available.

Because the T-H2 may be used with PVC venting, Takagi also incorporated two safety measures to control exhaust overheat and prevent temperatures from melting the PVC. These measures are in addition to the standard safety features found with all Takagi tankless water heaters.

The new unit also offers three settings for higher altitude locations ranging from as low as 2,500 ft to as high as 10,000 ft above sea level. The T-H2 is ideal for light commercial and heavy residential water heating, space heating, radiant floor heating, in-direct heating, re-circulation and combination heating systems.