Tamarack Technologies has unveiled the Dream Aire 5000®, a ventilation system for improving indoor air quality. Described by the company as a significant new weapon against the anticipated flu pandemic, it premiered at the HVAC industry’s Comfortech 2009 conference. The Dream Aire 5000® offers an innovative combination of air purification and bacteria-killing capability through the use of an electrostatic precipitation process (ESP) with a cleansing efficiency of 95%.

“'Revolutionary’ is a word we’re very comfortable using to describe the Dream Aire 5000® when compared to existing IAQ/ERV/HRV products,” said Tamarack CEO Tom Colasanto. “In fact, we believe this unit can have a similar impact on the indoor air quality and HVAC businesses as the iPhone had on telecommunications. It meets or exceeds ASHRAE 62.2 standards for indoor air quality and the Canadian standard for air changes per hour.”

The Dream Aire 5000® also serves as an energy and heat recovery system with a heat exchange rate of no less than 75%, constantly moving air in and out of the home, classroom or office. Energy of exhausted air is retained in the unit’s exchanger while fresh air is treated to ensure a consistent temperature. A thermostat inside the unit recognizes the temperature of incoming fresh air and heats it when the temperature is lower than 55 or 65 degrees, depending on a pre-set temperature preference.

Beyond its ventilation and heat exchange efficiencies, the Dream Aire 5000® is also energy efficient. When the fan is operating, the unit uses less energy than a 25-watt light bulb. When the fresh air heater is in use, it uses only 200 watts.

The most flexible feature of the Dream Aire 5000® is its portability. It has a single port which filters fresh air and exhausts stale air and weighs only 22 pounds. It can easily be moved from room to room in a home, dormitory, classroom or office or taken on vacation to a summer cottage. A special adapter allows the unit to function in almost any room with operating windows, and it plugs into any 110v wall outlet.

Extremely quiet, the Dream Aire 5000® features a washable filter as well as a full function remote control. The LCD panel on the unit indicates fan speed, temperature, airflow, and alerts the user when the filter requires cleaning.