X|Synergy provides protection from a wide variety of interference sources in the form of a robust industrial strength connection system. Whether outdoors in the elements, or exposed to chemicals and vibration found in many factory settings, X|Synergy facilitates a distinctive IP-67 level connection system between the network cable to the printed circuit board, according to the manufacturer.

Rather than being soldered to the PC board, the X|Synergy connection system utilizes edge-connector technology. The edge-connector allows the jack to become part of the installation process, while providing self-alignment and flexibility.  There are jack modules to support both gigabit Ethernet and 10Gbit Ethernet applications. The jack modules simply plug into the edge-connector, which resides on the PCB and is shrouded by a metal shield for enhanced EMI protection.

This approach ensures signal integrity is maintained, as proper alignment is inherently guaranteed.  With a variety of bulkheads available in both plastic and metal forms, the X|Synergy connection system is designed to provide years of secure reliable high-speed service.