Hamworthy Peabody Combustion has released its new ECOjet® ultra-low NOx burner. After almost three years of research and development, including the use of Hamworthy PeabodyCombustion’s SMARTflowTM flow modeling, and the resourcesof Hamworthy Combustion’s Advanced TechnologyCenter (14 test furnaces/testing burner capacities to 300 MMBTU/hr), the ECOjet® emerged, offering ultra-low emissions withlittle or no flue gas recirculation.

The company reports that every aspect of the burner fromair entry to gas and oil nozzles to swirler was strategically designed, developed and tested. Ignition is achieved using the highly reliable, self-cleaning, and lowmaintenance Chentronics’ (a Hamworthy Combustion Group company) High Energy Direct Spark Ignitor.

This burst mode ignition with flashing indicator allows the operator to observe the ignitor condition during operation. This also eliminates the need for an ignitor fuel train. Gas-Electric ignitors are also available firing natural gas, propane, coke oven gas, etc.

For more info on the Ultra-Low NOx ECOjet's ease of installation, operation, and maintenance, see the unit's brochure at the Hamworth Peabody website.