In conjunction with the Green Intelligent Buildings Conference on March 25-26 in Arlington, VA, LonMark International offers the LonMark Professional Certification Training & Testing on March 24, 2009.

LonMark International offers a 6-hour review class directly followed by the LonMark Professional Certification Test. Contact LonMark on or before Monday, March 16 if you wish to register for the class.

The LonMark Professional Certification Training Class is designed to cover various areas of the LonMark Professional Certification Testing Program.

The test is composed of 150 multiple-choice questions, divided into 12 distinct areas, all of which will be covered during the one-day training seminar:

- LonMark history and terminology basics
- Transport media
- Nodes
- Communication
- Physical network structuring
- Logical network structuring
- Installation
- Network configuration
- Tools for network management
- LonMark and IP
- Troubleshooting
- User interfaces

The comprehensive training seminar will be taught classroom style by Jeremy J. Roberts, Technical Director for LonMark International.

This training class and test is open to any industry professional involved in the design, specification, integration, or installation of LON control networks. Those passing the test are recognized LonMark Certified Professionals and hold the credentials associated with comprehensive LON technology knowledge.

The aim of the Professional Certification Testing Program is to test and certify engineers, integrators, and designers. This will ensure that building owners and occupiers the world over will be safe in the knowledge that only the most-qualified people are working on their projects, thus allowing for the best possible systems being installed.

Please contact for more information regarding these training and testing programs.