Stay connected to the latest Emerson Climate Technologies news with RSS feeds.
Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson, has added RSS feed capabilities to its public website,, allowing users to stay connected to the latest Emerson Climate Technologies news.

 RSS content can be read using software called a "feed reader" or an "aggregator." The user subscribes to a feed by entering the feed's link into the reader or by clicking an RSS icon in a browser that initiates the subscription process. The reader checks the user's subscribed feeds regularly for new content, downloading any updates that it finds. Users can add RSS feeds to a web page such as their Yahoo or Google home page.

 “The new RSS feeds allow our Web users to stay connected to new Emerson content, automatically retrieving the latest content from the site,” said Craig Raney, Emerson Climate Technologies director of marketing. “It’s another way we’re trying to give visitors of our site, most of whom are busy HVACR professionals, the information they want, while saving them time and allowing them to focus on their businesses.”

 RSS (which stands for Really Simple Syndication) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content such as news headlines or podcasts to whoever wants it. An RSS document is called a "feed" and contains either a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text. RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with their favorite web sites in an automated manner that's easier than checking them manually.