The New York City winter meeting included a “sneak peek” of a high-profile work in progress, ASHRAE/USGBC/IESNA Standard 189.1P, a sustainability standard providing minimum requirements for the design of green high-performance new commercial buildings and renovation projects.

  At a press event at the Javits Convention Center, ASHRAE President Kent Peterson, P.E. and others put the project in context within the organization’s larger effort to encourage net zero energy in commercial buildings. Standard 90.1 vice chair Steve Skalchow said, “Foremost is ASHRAE goal of improving the energy efficiency requirements in Standard 90.1,” work that aims to provide guidance for achieving 30% energy reduction over current levels.

  As for Standard 189.1, it goes beyond typical Standard parameters by addressing elements such as site selection transportation options in the vicinity as well as more traditional HVAC components. After receiving 900 public comments in the first public review period, ASHRAE expected that the Standard’s second public review would commence shortly after the Winter Meeting’s conclusion.

  More immediately, the Society announced that in addition to selling hard copies, it will make all of the Advanced Energy Design Guides available for free download at The new guide for K-12 schools joins earlier installments for small offices and warehouses. Scheduled topics for these guides toward 30% energy reduction include highway lodging, health care, and existing buildings.