A seminar designed specifically for sales reps and factory sales managers, titled "Specs To Sales - Increasing Market Share By "Selling" To Engineers Who Specify Products Sales Proportionate with Professional Engineering Consulting Specifications Support Seminar, is scheduled for February 8, 2005 in Orlando.

The event will be limited to 50 attendees and is designed to help sales representatives and factory sales managers understand and appreciate how to "sell" to the professional consulting engineer in a manner that will help increase product sales market share. Many manufacturers focus on the sales dollars that their factory reps generate. This is no doubt the bottom line approach. However, is it the method that best motivates and challenges the factory rep to sell in tough market times as well as good markets? In good economic markets when sales people are basically "order takers" they are busy with bidding jobs and writing purchase orders that are handed to them via phone, fax or email. However, in slow economic construction times when there is stiffer competition from the "or others" in the engineers' spec, the sales person's job must be more than just a bidder/order taker.

Pro-Active technical "selling" is needed. Does your company know how to "sell" to the specifying engineers in a manner that will help increase your market share all the time? This SPPECSS Consulting seminar will help teach this technique. Is The SSR (Spec-Sales Ratio) a business financial factor that you are monitoring? If not, maybe it will be after see how it works.

Steven G. Liescheidt, P.E., CSI-CCS, CCPR, who practiced over 17 years in the professional consulting engineering segment of the building construction industry will be the speaker. He has been in the sales engineering and product marketing segment of the construction industry for over nine years with an independent manufacturers' rep agency firm.

Liescheidt has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA degree. In addition, he has both a CCS (Certified Construction Specifier) and CCPR (Certified Construction Product Representative) certification through the CSI (Construction Specifiers Institution). He is active in many professional organizations related to the construction industry, including ASHRAE, CSI, Green Building Council-St. Louis Chapter, SMACNA and others, and has authored technical articles related to product applications and continuing education. He also is the author of the monthly series of the HVAC Challenge, a technical quiz based on the ASHRAE Handbooks published in Engineered System.

For more information contact: Steven G. Liescheidt, P.E., CSI-CCS, CCPR at 314-706-2615 or Steven G. Liescheidt.