Although it isn't our primary audience, I know a some of you HVAC manufacturers' reps and marketing staff keep up with ES, too, so I want to pass this along.

Over the past several years, you may have enjoyed our HVAC Challenge crossword puzzle, created by Steven G. Liescheidt, P.E., CCS, CCPR. Well, Steve is returning to AHR week this year with another in-person seminar. This one, dealing with "Features/Benefits HVAC Product Marketing and Performance Specifications Development," is set for Tuesday, January 27, 2009.

The agenda:
  • Developing A Performanced Based Product Specification
  • The “5W” Strategy to HVAC Product Marketing
  • The Four P’s of Marketing Integrated with the Four P’s of Selling
  • HVAC Product Feature and Customer Benefit Marketing and Selling
  • Establishing Product Selection Criteria
  • Types of Product Specification
  • New CSI Master Format Section Numbering

This is a breakfast/seminar event. Doors open at 7:15 a.m., with breakfast starting at 7:30 and the seminar running 7:45-10:15. The location is Rock Bottom Restaurant at One West Grand Avenue. Cost is $145.

For more info and registration, visit www.sppecss.comor e-mail Steve