Engineered Systemswill present the2006 Building Automation Conference, a two-day conference focused on commercial building automation and bringing together facilities management professionals to learn the latest advancements in energy and power management. Slated for March 8-9, 2006, at the Sheraton in Baltimore, this event will provide attendees with a great opportunity to acquire skills that can be used in the real-world. Building owners, engineers, developers, facility managers, building managers, commercial engineers, government, IT professionals will all benefit from attending this event.

The program focus will be split within the two-day conference. Day one will focus entirely on commercial building design, while day two will highlight on institutional and governmental advancements. The 2006 Building Automation Conference will feature 45-minute paper presentations by experienced industry leaders.

The organizing committee is seeking presentations for the workshops on the following and related topics:

  • Convergence in building systems - HVAC, video, security, lighting, etc. - how does it affect facility management?
  • Optimizing computerized maintenance management systems
  • What's needed from the next generation of BAS?
  • Controls needs for specialized environments - clean rooms, labs, etc.
  • System feedback overload - getting through to the info you need
  • PDA's and bar coding in O&M practices
  • What does IT have to do with building systems?
  • Opportunities with wireless systems
  • Retrofits and BMS

Papers will be accepted through November 21, 2005. Submitted abstracts should be 150-200 words. After your abstract is reviewed, you will be required to submit a presentation for distribution to all registered attendees. Papers should reflect the highest professional standard. The use of trade names and company advertising is discouraged. When submitting, papers Microsoft Word is preferred for electronic format as well as PowerPoint for presentations. Authors of papers that have been accepted will be notified by December 1, 2005. Completed papers will be due January 11, 2006 and completed presentations will be due by February 1, 2006.

The Building Intelligence Group ( and Automated Buildings ( are sponsoring the event.

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