The company recently announced improvements to its Herricane CS Series of steam distribution systems. According to the company, its CS-1000 features efficiencies up to 97%, with manifold lengths up to 6 ft. It says it has capacities up to 100 lb/hr, an upgrade from the previous 40-lb capacity. Meanwhile, the company says its CS-2000, a single-tube humidifier, offers capacities up to 600 lb/hr and has manifold lengths up to 10 ft. The CS-3000 utilizes a horizontal distribution pipe and multi-tube humidifier and has manifold lengths up to 10 ft, with grid widths up to 8 ft, says the manufacturer. Its CS-4000, considered an entirely new type of vertical distribution pipe and multi-tube humidifier, is designed to offer capacities up to 1,600 lb/hr, says the company. — Herrmidifier Company, Inc. Sanford, NC