Carrier Corporation (Syracuse, NY, and The Weather Channel have teamed up to get kids interested in careers in meteorology, architecture, and engineering through a new program that focuses on indoor weather. Students will explore how air quality, temperature, and humidity can affect the indoor environment. “We spend a lot of time hearing and thinking about outside weather, when we actually spend about 90% of our time indoors,” said Matthew Chadderdon, vice president of corporate communications for Carrier. “Indoor weather is about a lot more than temperature. Today, it’s about the quality of the air we breathe and keeping our environment healthy and comfortable for those living within it.”

The Indoor Weather Program is an extension of The Weather Channel’s award-winning Weather Classroom series that builds on the traditional topics such as tornadoes and thunderstorms by making the connections between indoor and outdoor weather. The curriculum is available to schools everywhere and is based on national standards in geography and science.

To build on the lesson plans and activities offered through the program, Carrier and The Weather Channel have established a national scholarship competition, the Indoor Weather Challenge, which will award $25,000 in prizes. The aim is to encourage students to discover new ways to change indoor environments by improving indoor air quality. For more information on the program, visit