PoolPak Inc.(York, PA) is celebrating record sales. Sales volume of these products are 30% more than last year and the contribution on the export shipments is particularly strong. Last month the company had an order for a 24-ft-by-8-ft-by-6-ft, PoolPak unit for an application in the Far East. This unit, which weighs about 10,000 lb, normally has a production lead time of about 14 weeks and would be shipped to the Far East by container ship. With the four weeks of ocean shipping time, plus a week to clear all the paperwork at the port of arrival, there would usually be about 18 weeks from the time the order was placed until final delivery of the equipment to the job site. This particular customer had a very tight construction schedule. However, the customer was so pleased that the Poolpak equipment was selected, he opted to have the unit air shipped from New York's Kennedy Airport to the Far East in order to get this equipment to the site in a timely fashion.