Setra Systems, Inc. will introduce a new, very low differential pressure transducer for typical HVAC applications, including cleanrooms, critical environments, EMS, fan control, and VAV. The unit features high overpressure capabilities and standard accuracy rates of ۫.0% full scale, with optional ratings to ۪.25% full scale. All models are compatible with clean, dry air and nonconducting gases, and are available in a variety of pressure ranges, as low as 0.1 in. wc full scale to 100 in. wc full scale.

Testo's new TestoKool Line of digital manifolds for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems is designed to provide one integrated meter for measuring, recording, and regulating refrigeration systems. The TestoKool 560, the most advanced model in a series of four, features direct measurement of refrigerant pressure/suction up to 735 psi, an external temperature probe that reads from -150° to 750°F, and a built-in vacuum gauge. All meters operate on standard batteries or power supplies. Other units in the series measure only vacuum or only temperature and pressure.

The new Air Velocity Probe Model 8592 from TSI Incorporated lets Q-Trak™ Plus users measure air velocity at diffusers, in ductwork, and at fume hood faces. The accessory probe also allows for quick calculation of volumetric flow rate. Velocity measurements are displayed in real time along with temperature, humidity, CO, and CO2. The probe quickly attaches to the Q-Trak Plus accessory port for easy use, and data can be stored and downloaded using TrakPro™ Data Analysis software.

Viconics Inc. introduces the T7600 Series of LonMark®-certified, multistage, programmable and nonprogrammable communicating thermostats. Features include an intuitive, backlit LCD screen; remote indoor/outdoor sensor capability; and two digital inputs. Heat pump as well as a unique model with an economizer output is available. The unit provides networking capability on a LonWorks® bus using a free topology transceiver.

ACR Systems Inc. is showcasing its SmartReader Plus display module. Users can view real-time data on the LCD display and scroll through the list of channels by simply pushing the up or down buttons on the portable and battery-powered device. Also, the company's paperless chart recorder is a complete process validation system for monitoring temperature and rh, featuring a liquid crystal display and touch screen.

Onset Computer Corporation is exhibiting its new HOBO U12 family of four high-resolution, high-accuracy dataloggers for measuring temperature, rh, light intensity, and other conditions. High-precision sensors, a direct USB interface allowing high-speed offloading, and 12-bit resolution allowing users to detect greater variability in recorded data are three of the improved features. Increased measurement capacity allows more data to be stored prior to being offloaded, while a new rugged enclosure improves durability.


Plastec Ventilation, Inc.'s new line of Storm Series fans include four specific models with varying degrees of performance. Each model is specifically designed to deliver low air volume at high static pressures, and is designed to provide reliable operation in higher impeller rpm applications. The fans are available in airflow ranges from 50 cfm to 1,400 cfm, from 0 to 11.5 in. standard pressure, with a wide range of accessories and configurations for a wide range of applications.

UV Devices

Steril-Aire, Inc.'s handheld SterilWand uses the company's multi-patented UVC technology for decontamination of surfaces infested with mold, bacteria, or viruses. The user slowly passes the device closely over the contaminated surface area, allowing the energy from the 30-in. long, high output UVC Emitter to decontaminate surfaces. An aluminum safety shield prevents direct exposure to UVC energy, while also adding reflectance that increases the light's effectiveness. Applications include mold remediation or microbial control in laboratories, hospitals, schools, and libraries.

The UV Bio-Wall by Sanuvox consists of individual ultraviolet (UV) arrays which work together in providing a "barrier wall" of germicidal UV energy which destroy virtually any biological contaminant which would pass through it. Each Bio-Wall consists of five high-intensity 19-mm quartz lamps mounted to aluminum parabolic reflectors, which can be up to 60 in. long, that reflect a full 360 degrees of germicidal radiation. An optional oxidizing lamp placed upstream of the UV Bio-Wall allows for the treatment of chemicals and odors in the system.

The V-Mod™ Ultraviolet Coil Irradiator from UltraViolet Devices, Inc. is available in 208-230Vac, making it possible for more facilities to install UV lamps in their ductwork without having to modify existing power availability. The device is designed to eradicate contaminants in HVAC systems, including harmful molds and bacteria.


Roberts-Gordon has introduced the Ultravac™ control option for its Corayvac® infrared heaters. The unit allows users to modulate burner input rate with outdoor air temperature to match the heating system's input to the building's heat requirement. Features include a zone temperature sensor that provides localized control, a PC-based software package for total heating system management from a desktop, and an optional modem for remote system management capabilities.

The new stainless steel doorjet heater from Solaronics, Inc. is designed to resist wet, corrosive environments typically found at outdoor loading docks and platforms, maintenance facilities, and warehouses. The heaters may be mounted vertically to direct heat straight down for roll-up or straight lift doors; or horizontal or angled placement for conventional lift doors. Models are available with input ratings from 550,000 to 950,000 Btuh to accommodate most building requirements. A single heater will handle typical door openings of up to 12-ft x 12-ft.

Ducts and Liners

Metal-Fab, Inc. is showcasing its new G Series Grease Duct Systems. Incorporating five different configurations of duct, the G Series is meant to offer the widest selection available for commercial cooking operations, all UL-listed. The ducts' liquid-tight connection system is designed to ensure that no leaks contaminate insulation, compromise fire integrity, or cause fire hazards. Flues are are constructed of 304 or 316 stainless steel, and the ducts comply with NFPA 96, model building codes, state codes, and numerous local codes.

Reflectix Inc.'s natural fiber duct liner was designed for use in HVAC sheet metal ducts to absorb unwanted noise from multiple sources, and to reduce heat loss or gain while providing low air resistance. The air stream surface of the duct liner is covered with a fire resistant black facing that is designed to reduce airflow resistance. Both the insulation and the facing are treated for fire and mold resistance.

Bonded Logic, Inc. manufactures the liner using a patented process that treats each natural fiber with a nontoxic, fire, mold, and pest inhibitor, and then thermally bonds the fibers to create a sustainable insulation product. Made from natural fibers, the new duct liner contains over 80% recycled content, is eligible for the LEED™ ratings program, and is safe for the environment.


Varidigm's VSM-CP2 and VSM-CP3 variable-speed motor controllers can be used in a variety of air moving applications including fancoil units, VAV fan terminal boxes, and fan filter units. The VSM-CP2 controller can be used with standard permanent split capacitor motors from 1/20 to 3/4 hp. The VSM-CP3 controller is designed for use with Varidigm-approved PSC motors, which use a licensed series, parallel winding technique. Both controllers are available for 120V, 240V, and 277V, 60 Hz motors.

ABB's ACH550 DriveIT Low Voltage AC Drive family is designed to combine simplicity, convenience, fieldbus connectivity, harmonic mitigation, and programmability. The drives in the 1- to 500-hp range are available in NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 enclosures, with supply voltages from 208V to 480V. The drives feature two internal slots for options, and the built-in choke, equivalent to a 5% line reactor, reduces harmonics and both full and partial loads.

Fenner Drives is rolling out what it says is the industry's first heavy duty automatic tensioner for multiple belt drives. The T-Max RT4000 tensioner works along with an idler pulley to extend the life of the belt and obtain full performance from the drive. The T-Max can bring a noisy drive into compliance with new acoustic standards in a cost-effective manner. An alloy steel torsional wrapped spring that is easily reversed and a unique stamped steel arm design are specific design features.

AC Technology now offers MCH Series drives in a NEMA 12 enclosure, allowing safe installation in dusty or dirty areas. The drives feature a versatile three-contactor bypass, and they allow normal operation of the equipment in "drive mode" with control either directly from the drive keypad and display or via a BMS. Door-mounted controls allow for putting the drive into "bypass mode" where the motor is operated directly on the AC line power.

Yaskawa's E7 AC drive, designed for BAS applications, is now available with a LonWorks® interface board. The interface option card mounts integral to the drive and provides an easy connection point. The card can be factory installed or easily retrofit to existing E7 drives, and it is equipped with four diagnostic lights to assist in configuration and commissioning onto the network. The E7 also features embedded network communications for Johnson Controls Metasys N2 and Siemens APOGEE P1, with optional interfaces for other common HVAC protocols.


The Predator VAV Actuator by Staefa Control System integrates a LonMark® -certified VAV controller in a Siemens OpenAir damper actuator, offering a compact footprint and single component mounting for low installation cost. The unit provides precise control of pressure-independent, single duct VAV/CV zone boxes, and its preprogrammed control logic is easily configurable for a variety of control applications, including cooling or heating, fan, occupancy, and lighting control.

TAC's Vista® IV is an enhanced version of its LonWorks®-based building management software that combines environmental controls with facility and energy management features into a single interoperable solution. The system operates using Windows® 2000, runs on TCP/IP and standard network equipment, and provides LAN communication via Ethernet® or fiber optics. A modular, client/server design also allows facility managers to customize TAC Vista to their own, specific needs. In addition, host workstations can communicate across the Internet as well as via commercial WAN/LAN environments.

TCS/Basys Controls will introduce the QD2040 embedded site communications center and control system. The QD2040 is designed to act as a standalone Web-enabled interface that can simultaneously communicate with the central Ubiquity server. The QD2040 offers an on-site interface that can program, schedule, and monitor the controller network through a browser. Energy metering of demand and consumption is standard to the QD2040 as well.

TSI Inc. has added LonWorks® capability to its Sureflow ™ and PreSura™ lines of controls for critical environments such as laboratories, health care facilities, and cleanrooms. TSI now supports the major open protocols: LonWorks, BACnet™, and Modbus®.

Delta Controls will be promoting its ORCAview 3.30 workstation software, now featuring built-in reporting, historical archiving, and "save as webpage" capabilities. Delta's controller firmware can now e-mail alarms directly and employ alphanumeric paging. Also, a new line of DAC+ controllers allows an access door module to be controlled for cost-effective HVAC and access integration.

Watt Stopper announces the release of its CC-BACsoft system integration software for use with its Complete Control lighting control panels. The system allows the use of a single BAS software package to monitor multiple control systems, including the lighting control system, HVAC, or security networks. In conjunction with WinControl, Complete Control's administrative software, CC-BACsoft enables facility operators to access and control BACnet compatible systems from one location, and enables automatic sharing of information between BACnet systems without user intervention.

Weiss Instruments has introduced a control system for restaurants and convenience stores, the Dixell XJ500 system, which consists of a simple two-wire daisy chain connection of individual "Dixell control nodes" that are installed in each appliance and programmed to the specific application such as refrigeration, food warming, ovens, compressor controls, or smart monitoring. The system acts as a gateway to each control node, allowing the store manager to automatically record temperatures, alarms, and status for up to one year without the need for a local PC.


Version 6.1 of the Computational Fluid Software from Fluent Inc. is now ready for use. This newest release offers upgraded functionality through dynamic mesh for modeling flow conditions in and around moving objects, allowing users to set up the initial mesh, prescribe the motion, and watch as the software adjusts the mesh. The version also features built-in acoustics modeling allowing users to perform "on the fly" sound calculations. The previous reacting flow modeling functionality has been expanded as well.

Boilers/Water Heaters

Buderus Hydronic Systems brings two new series to the show. The GA244 Series gas-fired sealed combustion boilers feature an AFUE rating of up to 85% and four venting options. It's designed for easy installation in closets and on combustible floors with a non-combustible base in a variety of light commercial applications. Meanwhile, the SB Series of commercial boilers are designed for ultra-high efficiency (up to 98%) for both low and high temperature heating applications. Dual return connections, an internal water baffling plate, and stainless steel full three-pass firetube design are all features.

The Eclipse water heater by Rheem-Ruud features a seamless, blow-molded polybutylene tank which doesn't require an anode rod, averting any potential odor problems due to the chemical makeup of the local water supply. The unit has kW inputs of 12.4, 18, and 24, which are equivalent to gas inputs of 42,309, 61,420, and 81,893 Btuh, respectively. Available voltages are 208, 240, 277, and 480 and recovery capacities range from 55 to 110 gal/hr at a temperature rise of 100°F. Both thermostats are surface-mounted and have a maximum temperature of 170°.

Portable Cooling

With an eye on today's trend toward smaller, closet-size telecom and server rooms and the potential costs of building system failure, MovinCool has announced its Office Pro 10 portable air conditioning system. The fully self-contained unit can be wheeled in, plugged in, and switched on, instantly providing up to 10,000 Btu of cooling. The unit also offers a fully integrated air exhaust system, featuring built-in supply and return airflow to the condenser; this exhausts hot air out of the room instead of recirculating it back into the room being cooled.

Heat Exchangers

Alfa Laval will unveil the American debut of the AlfaNova, which the company says is the world's first 100% stainless steel fusion-brazed heat exchanger. The unit is specially designed for refrigeration and process cooling systems requiring a high level of corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance. The unit, compact in relation to its capacity, is produced by AlfaFusion, a patented brazing process meant to provide greater mechanical strength and improved hygiene levels.

Colmac Coil Manufacturing is introducing its new internally wicked, plate fin heat pipe heat exchangers for the air-to-air heat recovery, IAQ, and dehumidification markets. The unit is available with aluminum fin and either copper or aluminum tube, plus tilt or face-and-bypass options for temperature and frost control, in-line (wrap-around) configuration for enhanced dehumidification, and indirect evaporative cooling.

FlatPlate, Inc. has released its UL-listed double-wall, vented brazed plate heat exchanger to meet local and state plumbing codes. The DW Series is highly compact and ideal for new construction or as an alternative to shell-and-tube heat exchangers involving projects where double separation of potable water from boiler water and other non-potable fluids is required. Double wall plates and double seal fluid ports provide positive leak detection with an overall capacity up to 150 gpm.

Pump and Valve Products

Bell & Gossett will introduce several new products. The Mini-Speed Series booster system is a variable-speed pressure booster that is designed to enhance existing pump performance. The Series 80-SC split-coupled, vertical inline centrifugal pump features an axially split, high-tensile aluminum spacer coupling that permits seal maintenance without disturbing the pump, and a vertical configuration for tight spaces. The Triple Duty® valve performs the functions of three valves normally required on the discharge side of hydronic pump systems.

Hoffman Specialty will introduce the Series B0 inverted bucket traps to its Bear Trap® product line. The traps are designed for applications such as unit heaters and feature cast iron exteriors, stainless steel interiors, and resist corrosion.

Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. is highlighting its new 599 Series zone valve and actuator line. The valves feature all-metal seating surfaces and linear stroke action for a long-life seal, manual override, visual position indication, and automatic reset after power interruption. In addition, the valves feature an exclusive direct-coupled design that requires no tools for installation; the actuator screws onto the valve body by hand. The company will also highlight its new electronic bypass option for the SED2 family of VFDs, which are designed to improve system reliability and streamline installation.

Taco has introduced both bronze and cast iron models of its "00" Series of circulators for LoadMatch® single-pipe system applications. The circulators have been designed for quiet and efficient operation, directing water to where it needs to go as opposed to forcing water through the system's piping loop. Features include a removable integral flow check to prevent gravity flow and an exclusive anti-condensate baffle to prevent the buildup of condensate on the motor windings when pumping chilled water.


The CH/CU-25 model chiller is the newest addition to Tecogen, Inc.'s Tecochill® RT Series of packaged air cooled, natural gas engine-driven chillers. It has 25 tons of cooling capacity and features the TecoDrive 3000™ 3.0-liter inline natural gas engine and a four-cylinder open drive reciprocating compressor. Other features include a TecoNET™ microprocessor-based control system with handheld control terminal, a remote monitoring and control system, small footprint, and the unit only requires single-phase power for operation.

United CoolAir Corporation introduces its new Cool-V Series of vertical air conditioning systems ranging from 2 to 15 tons. The units are available in self-contained, air cooled versions and have the ability to use remote condensers or condensing sections. Cabinet components have been simplified with a standardized configuration that is lighter and easier to manufacture with all units utilizing scroll compressors. A wide range of options is available to tailor the unit for each application and some of the options can be field installed. In addition, the company has redesigned its VertiCool Space Saver (SS) Series to allow for better airflow capabilities and increased cfm.


Nailor Industries is pleased to introduce its new line of extruded aluminum louvers featuring the latest in storm-resistant and dual drainable blade high-performance designs, as well as thinline, combination operable blade, and its new 16BV Brick Vent Series. A new full-color catalog detailing the complete line of louver products is now available.

Lindab, Inc. is extending its SPIROcomfort line of registers to include a wide range of drum louvers. A key feature of the drum louver is that it mounts directly to ductwork, so labor costs can be reduced as register taps are not required. The direct mount is also intended to give the overall HVAC system a cleaner, sleeker look. The louver is especially recommended for projects needing high-flow, long throw air distribution, such as gymnasiums, auditoriums, and malls.

Ruskin introduces the Zone Control Damper Series (ZCD). This new series of products was designed to meet the increased demand for zone specific products combined with individual controls. These ZCD products are well suited for retrofit applications as well as new construction. The company has also introduced its Sun Control Systems, which are designed to reduce the cooling energy requirements of the interior and provide distinctive architectural characteristics to the exterior.

INTEC Controls will be emphasizing two new damper actuators designed for speedy rotation. The 20 and 70 in.-lb, 24V actuators are controlled via a 0/2-10 VDC or 0/4-20 mA signal. The control and feedback signals and rotation directions are dipswitch selectable. This release complements an actuator program in sizes from 45 to 300 in.-lb.

Lloyd Industries has developed an all-new, reusable thermal disk link for select smoke/fire damper equipment. Designed for easy reset, the LloydStat is made to react faster than fusible links for greater safety. It is also designed to close and lock the damper under smoke detection, fire conditions, and power failure through an actuator closure spring. The LloydStat uses greater temperature sensitivity to release in half the time of its predecessor, according to the company.


Fedders Engineered Products is highlighting the new Herrdraulic HP Series Humidifier. The high-pressure adiabatic humidifier, featuring flexible control packages, is available in configurations for air handler and space applications in commercial and industrial settings, schools, museums, newspaper facilities, and research laboratory environments. The standard lubricated axial piston pump provides smooth discharge, plus water lubrication, which is meant to eliminate the need for routine oil changes and the possibility of contaminating discharge water.

Makeup Air/Dehumidification

PoolPak International has released its latest dehumidification system, the "AWH" Horizontal PoolComPak Series for 200- to 1,750-sq-ft pool surfaces. The flexible, horizontal configuration allows for outdoor rooftop, pad mount, or indoor ceiling-hung installation. Each unit includes the TD3000, a microprocessor-based controller capable of regulating humidity, and air and pool water temperatures, including wall surface condensation prevention. The TD3000 also allows monitoring of the AWH unit via the Internet.

The Dry-O-Tron DKV Series of vertical makeup air dehumidifiers from Dectron Internationale is designed for hotels, schools, and offices that require outdoor air dehumidification in humid regions but which have limited mechanical space. The series offers mirror image models suitable for right or left corner installation because both designs use only two sides for service access and supply air discharge. Eight sizes up to 8,000 cfm, all with air- or water-cooled options, are available.

Weather-Rite, Inc. announces the launch of the AirRite XT™ direct-fired makeup air system. The unit features an ETL-certified 160°F temperature rise capability with a discharge air temperature of up to 170°, and is available in three performance levels: AR XTM™ delivers 160° extended temperature rise at maximum cfm air volume; the AR XTR™ delivers 140° extended temperature rise at reduced cfm air volume; and the AR XT™ delivers standard 100° extended temperature rise at variable cfm. The units are available in horizontal and vertical configurations, multiple discharge air locations with airflow volume from 1,500 to 34,000 cfm, and heat capacities from 20 to 3,675 MBtuh.

MSP Technology's patented dehumidification and energy recovery components are designed to easily integrate with OEM air- handling systems for increased operating efficiency. The company's multiple small-plage dehumidification technology is designed to offer up to 50% energy savings, reduced capital costs, and quick ROI. The MSP-based equipment allows warm, humid air to pass through plate air-to-air heat exchangers for precooling. The pre-cooled air then takes two more passes over ordinary refrigeration or chilled water coils for final cooling and dehumidification.


Heatcraft USA LLC is exhibiting its combination cooling/reheat coil in a single case, designed to both dehumidify the air and reheat that same air to the desired leaving air temperature and humidity level in applications such as hospitals, clean rooms, and science or research laboratories. A single supply and return connection is used to save equipment, piping, and labor costs; allowing the user to purchase one coil instead of two is intended to further increase bottom-line savings.

The VH Enviro-Stac vertical high-rise coil from Enviro-Tee can now be ordered with mold- and mildew-resistant features. The unit resists mold growth via its closed-cell foam insulation, which is impervious to water. Part-load dehumidification is also achieved by air volume modulation at part-load conditions. The combination of dehumidifying the room air while maintaining a dry unit interior reduces the opportunity for mold or mildew to proliferate, while reducing housekeeping costs associated with mold and fancoil applications.

Cooling Towers and Related

Factory- or field assembled to serve commercial, institutional, and industrial loads, the FW Cross Flow cooling tower by Protec Cooling Towers, Inc. is available in single-, double-, and multi-cell configurations. The unit is constructed of noncorrosive materials and its cross-flow design offers ease of maintenance. The FW's footprint provides space savings, ensuring the cooling tower meets the strict space requirements of replacement projects as well as the limited space requirements of new construction projects.

Evapco, Inc. is introducing the new Sentinel monitoring system, designed to reduce evaporative cooling tower maintenance costs and improve performance while avoiding catastrophic unit failure. It monitors up to eight key functions while providing control of six critical areas such as pan heaters, fan and pump lockout, water makeup, and fan-shaft bearing lubricators. The panel offers remote access via modem and LED indicators for on-site inspection.

Packaged Units

Armstrong Air Conditioning, Inc. is introducing the MGE gas heating / electric cooling models to its Magic-Pak brand of units. Designed to eliminate 15 installation steps and improve aesthetics, the Magic-Pak units boast an array of features including unobtrusive design and low operating sound levels. They also offer 80% AFUE heating efficiency, four standard colors, large access panels, and a fully insulated cabinet.

Bard Manufacturing Company's new Q-Tec classroom packaged air conditioner - also suitable for niches such as telecommunication shelters and office space - is designed for economical year-round comfort where interior equipment mounting is preferred over externally wall-mounted equipment. The unit's "Quiet Technology" delivers low sound levels, a hinged front panel, and heavy-duty permanent rollers. The ARI-certified, UL-listed units are available in six capacities ranging from two to five tons and feature a range of ventilation packages.

The Easiheat advanced steam water heating system from Spirax Sarco, Inc. is made to use the latest plate-and-frame heat exchanger technology designed specifically for steam service, allowing high efficiencies within minimal space. With a plate heat exchanger providing ease of cleaning and future expansion, the Easiheat is available in a wide range of capacities and uses the manufacturer's modern controls for excellent temperature control. Single- and double-wall systems are available.


The Upblast Centrifugal Roof Ventilator from Emerson Climate Technologies is made for roof- or wall-mounted exhaust use for commercial or industrial buildings. Largely used in commercial kitchen applications, the unit features a fully welded aluminum housing and drain spout to direct grease to the collector and eliminate leakage onto the roof. A fully rolled windband bead gives the ventilator added strength and ease of transport, while the ventilator's welded curb cap corners prevent water entry.

Tjernlund Products, Inc.'s new Auto-Draft® combustion air / draft system is designed to reduce installation costs and increase efficiency. The CPC-2 controller regulates fan speed, resulting in optimal draft and/or combustion. The VSUB-Series blowers have capacities up to 6,000 cfm, vent flue gases up to 575°F, and provide automatic combustion air.

Other Products

Nicholson Steam Trap's line of universal mount products is composed of universal mount (UMT) connector blocks and UMT steam traps connected by two bolts and sealed with high-quality, spiral wound gaskets. All of the products work with each other and competitors' UMT-type products. The standard offering of UMT connector blocks includes the basic straight-through connector block design. The Big Block combines isolation valves, test ports, strainer, and a blowdown valve in a trap mounting block, which conforms to the two-bolt universal swivel mount connection pattern. The UMT steam traps include the thermostatic and thermodynamic steam trap designs and the stainless steal bucket trap.

Orival Water Filters introduces the ORG Series of automatic, self-cleaning, line-pressure powered water filters. Available in sizes from 1-1/2 in. to 4 in., single units can handle flow rates up to 350 gpm. Units can be installed in parallel to handle larger flow rates. Fine screens available down to 10 microns in a variety of constructions, including standard stainless steel mesh, multilayer sintered stainless steel, and wedgewire. Their high-efficiency rinse cycle consumes a fraction of the water of standard filters.

Purafil's MediaPAK™ CK disposable module contains the company's patented, non-toxic, non-hazardous dry-chemical media to remove a broad spectrum of odorous gases in commercial facilities. Designed as two units, the module is easy to handle, lift, and maintain - users do not have to empty or refill media, nor do they need tools for installation or replacement. Airflow for each module is up to 250 ft/min (1.27 m/sec). The module functions in varying environments and comes in two sizes: 12- by 24- by 12-in. (305 by 610 by 305 mm) and 24- by 12- by 12-in. (610 by 305 by 305 mm).

Extech Instruments is introducing its Model RH101, a new hygro-thermometer that includes a built-in, non-contact infrared thermometer. The thermometer provides fast and easy measurements ranging from -58°F to 932° in locations that are unsafe or hard to reach. A built-in laser pointer targets the area being measured, while the 8:1 field of view allows a 1-in. spot to be measured at a distance of 8 ft. The temperature and rh measurement capabilities make it convenient for use in monitoring factories, clean rooms, greenhouse, and those hard-to-reach air conditioning ducts.

The White-Rodgers nitride upgrade kit is designed to replace silicon carbide ignitors with a sturdier nitride design. Made to install easily into virtually any gas furnace within 30 min, it provides a nitride ignitor, power module, universal bracket, wiring harness, double-sided foam-back tape, and a label to indicate that the furnace has been updated with nitride technology. White-Rodgers is part of Emerson Climate Technologies.

The new 862 Series from WAGO has been specifically designed as a cost-effective alternative, with flexible options, to traditional chassis mount terminal blocks such as barrier strips and terminal strips. The unit features Cage Clamp® spring pressure connection technology which allows solid wire or stranded wire with ferrules to be terminated by simply pushing the wire into the contact. In addition, an integrated push-button, with molded-in slots, accommodates fast and easy wiring of all wire types - either by hand, with a standard slotted tip, or Phillips screwdriver. ES