AMCA'sStandards 510-03, "Methods Of Testing Heavy Duty Dampers For Rating" and 520-03, "Laboratory Methods Of Testing Actuators," proposed American National Standards, are now available for public review and comment. The closing date for receipt of comments is August 24, 2004.

The purposes of the standards are as follows: AMCA 510-03 establishes methods used in measuring performance of dampers generally described as heavy duty or severe service, normally used in applications where elevated temperature, erosion and/or corrosion conditions exist, including dampers which are used to control the flow of gas, or to isolate one section of a duct system from another section of the system.

AMCA 520-03 establishes an industry standard for testing of actuators used on fire dampers. Requirements cover torque or force rating, long term holding, operational life, elevated temperature performance, periodic maintenance, production, and sound testing for both pneumatic and electric operators.

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