AAON, Inc. recently announced its proactive transition to the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant, R-454B, across its product line. This strategic aligns with the upcoming 2025 low GWP refrigerant regulations.

AAON began accepting orders for R-454B units on Jan. 1, 2024 — a full year ahead of the EPA’s mandate to discontinue the use of refrigerants with GWPs above 700. As of this month, AAON is shipping equipment with R-454B to customers.

R-454B has a GWP of 466, an impressive 78% decrease from that of its predecessor, R-410A. This significantly minimizes the environmental impact of refrigerants used in commercial and industrial building systems.

"AAON consistently leads the implementation of technologies that surpass industry standards for sustainability," said Stephen Wakefield, AAON Executive Vice President, AAON Oklahoma. “By adopting R-454B early on, we're minimizing our environmental impact and paving the way for future innovations.”

Safety remains a top priority in the design and manufacturing of AAON units featuring R-454B. With its low burning velocity and stringent safety measures, the potential risks associated with its mild flammability as an A2L refrigerant are greatly mitigated. Components are meticulously selected and tested to meet industry standards, and the Company’s units are equipped with refrigerant leak detection sensors, enabling early leak detection and prompt intervention.

“AAON has and will always maintain a position of engineering and manufacturing leadership. Our aim is to remain years ahead of regulatory changes and competitor capabilities while delivering world-class performance and unmatched value,” said Gary Fields, AAON CEO.

As part of this transition, AAON will not increase prices for products utilizing R-454B, maintaining economic accessibility for its customers. AAON is currently delivering products with R-454B, and all AAON products will be available to configure with R-454B by June 1, 2024. The Company’s lead times for R-454B are normal, ensuring no disruption in service. By embracing R-454B ahead of the regulatory shift, AAON continues its role as a catalyst for positive environmental change in the HVAC industry.