The Brightlayer Home app provides an interface to Eaton’s Wi-Fi smart technologies, allowing users to easily view power usage for connected appliances, control connected devices remotely, and make more informed energy decisions. Eaton’s expanded portfolio of Wi-Fi wiring devices are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, including bilingual voice controls, to help streamline device management and empower homeowners to choose their preferred smart home system.

“The proliferation of smart devices continues to deliver new levels of convenience and safety in the home, but the sheer number of options available can be overwhelming for the homeowner to manage,” said Paul Ryan, general manager, Connected Solutions at Eaton. “We prioritize interoperability to ensure Eaton devices are compatible with leading smart home systems and introduced Brightlayer Home to streamline the interface for managing energy throughout the home.”

Current trend data is showing a consolidation of connected devices in households across the U.S. with an average of 22 devices per home in 2022, down from 25 in 2021, according to Deloitte’s “2022 Connectivity and Mobile Trends Survey.” Through its smart home offerings, Eaton is expanding connected device applications for homebuilders, simplifying installation options for electrical contractors and helping homeowners enjoy the possibilities of a fully connected home. Eaton’s expanded Wi-Fi smart devices portfolio includes a Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Duplex Receptacle as well as a Wi-Fi Smart Fan Speed Control.

Once a qualified electrician installs and wires Eaton devices, intuitive, step-by-step guides in the Brightlayer Home app walk the homeowner through setup via mobile phone. Users may choose the types of devices to add through a Wi-Fi connection, such as smart breakers, switches, dimmers, receptacles or fan speed controllers. Eaton will continue to introduce additional device connectivity over time, such as incorporating home electric vehicle charging station management. For smart breaker setup, Brightlayer Home prompts homeowners to name and note which loads are supported by each breaker to help them more easily identify energy usage patterns or to create schedules to maximize savings during off-peak hours.

Eaton is collaborating with organizations like Rewiring America to advance electrification education, awareness, and action. The company’s continuing efforts to lead the energy transition through key sustainability initiatives include its Home as a Grid approach, which enables homes to become both producers and users of energy. Effective load control management and energy insights are critical components to navigating the energy transition, and Brightlayer Home allows the homeowner to better understand energy usage inside the home with real-time and historical insights.

The Eaton Brightlayer Home mobile app is available on iOS and Google Play stores.