Ice Air, a provider of climate control solutions, announced that several of its heat pumps, including single package vertical and packaged terminal heat pumps, are included on the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump (ccASHP) product list.

Originally launched in 2015 as part of the NEEP Heating Electrification Initiative, the product list consists of ASHP systems that meet the latest version of the  ccASHP Specification for both performance levels and a series of reported performance standards. In addition to the ccASHP product list, NEEP also provides a consolidated Air SourceHeat Pump Program Incentive Summary of regional and national programs for reference.

Space and water heating comprise more than 90 percent of all direct carbon emission from homes and buildings in the region. Recognizing that heat pump technologies offer viable solutions for reducing these emissions, the ccASHP specification identifies air source heat pumps that heat efficiently in cold climates (IECC climate zone 4 and higher). It is intended as a model equipment specification to be used broadly by clean energy and energy efficiency program administrators in cold climates as a minimum requirement for program qualification as well as by engineers, contractors, and other practitioners involved in the heat pump selection process.

 “Ice Air is pleased to be among the manufacturers of leading high-performing cold climate ASHPs on NEEP’s list,” said Ric Nadel, the company’s founder and CEO. “We have been championing the broader market goal of heating electrification since 2019 and are committed to driving awareness with initiatives such as our recently launched CEU which focuses on the decarbonization of the built environment through strategic electrification.”