Eptura announced the launch of its unified worktech platform, which includes Eptura Asset and Eptura Workplace. The Eptura experience connects workplace and physical asset management capabilities in a single solution.

Eptura is designed to bridge the gaps between traditionally siloed systems, connecting people with their workplace while providing building owners and operators with tools to organize and manage their commercial real estate and physical assets. The new platform experience enables customers to operationalize workplace plans that fit their needs, including hybrid work, office-first, flex models, and more. It also allows technicians to quickly locate assets within large facilities or multi-building campuses and ensure they are properly maintained to avoid downtime and business disruption.

 “Companies of all sizes have been forced to dedicate resources to five, 10, or even 15 different workplace and facility management tools. With reduced budgets and fewer resources, organizations need to shift toward unified platforms that replace individual solutions,” said Brandon Holden, CEO of Eptura. “By combining the powerful capabilities of Eptura Workplace and Eptura Asset, we’re enabling employees to better focus on their jobs and helping businesses get the most out of their workplaces.”

This launch marks the first product offering under Eptura, which was formed last October.