NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. — Watts has released new monitors designed to ensure optimal performance of key water quality systems. 

These new monitors will now come standard on the Big Bubba® BB-S101 whole home filtration system and the OneFlow® OFRES-K & OFCOM-EK Series anti-scale systems. The performance monitors send notifications when routine maintenance is needed such as media or filter changes.

The BB-S101 point-of-entry system gives plumbing contractors a solution for end users concerned about lead, PFAS, cysts, and chlorine taste and odor in their drinking water. The
 BB-M101 Smart Volumetric Flow Monitor displays percentage of filter life consumed, percentage of filter life remaining, and volume of water remaining until filter replacement is due.

OneFlow is a salt-free, chemical-free anti-scale technology that is an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to water softening or scale sequestering devices. The
 U-M311 Time Elapsed Monitor displays percentage of media life consumed, percentage of media life remaining, number of days until media replacement is due, and water volume conditioned since the last media reset. 

The systems will offer the same performance with enhanced alerts and notifications. The BB-M101 Smart Volumetric Flow Monitor and U-M311 Time Elapsed Monitor will also be sold separately for retrofitting existing systems. For more information,