FORT WORTH, Texas — PVI, a Watts brand, introduces Centurion, a compact, 2000 MBH direct-fired domestic water heater that features state-of-the art combustion controls technology and superior reliability. With an advanced design and controls technology, Centurion water heaters are ideal for a variety of commercial applications and offer the industry’s longest standard warranty of 15 years for lower cost of ownership.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Centurion,” said Mark Croce, hot water solutions manager, PVI. “Centurion’s advanced Edge® Controller incorporates dynamic feed-forward sensing for precise modulation of its high turndown air/fuel delivery system. It’s also the first water heater to offer O2 Trim, which allows the unit to self-adjust and maintain optimal air/fuel rations for peak efficiency, low emissions, and maximum uptime reliability. With its tight temperature control, high efficiency, reliability, and longevity, Centurion is truly a unique and advanced water heater.”


Advanced Features 

Edge Controller provides unparalleled control capabilities from setup and configuration to maintenance and diagnostics. In addition to O2 Trim, Centurion features an Integrated Water Heater Management (WHM) platform that allows facility managers to easily sequence up to 16 units. System efficiency is optimized at all load conditions and standby and cycling losses are virtually eliminated. Centurion also features Combustion Calibration Assist and EZ Setup to help streamline and simplify operation for more effective and efficient management of a building’s domestic hot water system.


Compact Footprint  

The compact Centurion occupies up to 65% less footprint than competing models. Its small size allows the water heater to fit through a standard doorway and in most freight elevators and for zero-side clearance installation while still creating access for maintenance and repairs. Sidewall, through-the-roof and ducted combustion capabilities provide additional installation flexibility.


Superior Reliability

Centurion’s pressure vessel and heat exchanger is fabricated with ultra-durable AquaPLEX® duplex stainless steel. AquaPLEX blends austenitic and ferritic steels which takes on the best advantages of 300 and 400 series stainless steel. Combined with a special, proprietary manufacturing process, this synergy makes AquaPLEX extremely strong, thermal shockproof, and highly resistant to aqueous corrosion in potable water at any temperature as well as chloride stress corrosion cracking. For more information, visit