BURTON, Ohio — Multi-Wing America has released its OPTIMISER 11 Fan Specification App. OPTIMISER 11 is an easy-to-use resource for original equipment engineers to specify the most efficient, tailor-made Multi-Wing fan for their application. It is ideal for specifying fans in HVACR as well as engine cooling in off-highway equipment and gensets.

OPTIMISER 11 Fan Specification App features an intuitive interface that more efficiently accesses essential fan curve data, such as horsepower and sound information for select static pressure and cubic feet per minute (cfm) data. In addition, users have more flexibility to modify their dashboard, including data preferences and color selection for customized visual display of fan performance curves.

“This app allows our customers to identify the most optimized and efficient customized fan for their equipment,” said Larry Marsinek, sales engineer at Multi-Wing America. “Its improved user interface provides efficient display of important data on sound, total efficiency, and performance curves that engineers need to develop the best fan specification.”

The previous version of the OPTIMISER app will not be updated with the newest fan information. For more information, or to download the basic version of OPTIMISER 11, visitwww.multi-wing.net/optimiser.