ROCKMART, Ga. — Leveraging 30-plus years of experience with remote monitoring, Miura, manufacturer of industrial steam boilers, recently launched Miura Connect, its next-generation mobile, cloud-based, real-time remote monitoring and customer accessible platform.

This application and the IoT Technology that enables it will allow Miura to continue optimizing and adding additional features and value along the way, ensuring that Miura Connect will be a living application with upgrades and features automatically available without the need for on-site updates or additional hardware in most cases.

"The Miura Connect web-based portal is another step forward to ensure optimal system reliability," said Tatsuya Fujiwara, president, Miura America. "Customers can set notification preferences to receive real-time boiler room notifications and alerts directly to their smartphones and easily access relevant information while searching for technical documentation in seconds."  

Miura has become globally recognized in industrial steam boilers by focusing on innovative technologies, resource conservation, customer service, and flexible options, all essential concerns addressed by Miura Connect's standard features:

Integrated Technical Documentation — Data you need when you need it. Find supporting documents, such as water logs and maintenance procedures, fast while accessing manuals and technical documentation for connected Miura equipment in one place. 

View Equipment in Real-Time — Monitor your complete boiler room data in real time using the latest IoT technology. Boiler operators, company management, Miura representatives, and technicians can quickly and easily access boiler room data from anywhere internet is available. 

Data Report Generation — Create custom historical data reports in seconds for quick visibility and trend analysis. Customize the start and end date timeline, or view the full lifetime info to generate CSV reports easily.

Tailored Alarm Notifications — Instant text or email notifications for boiler room equipment cautions and alarms in real time to take precautionary measures before problems arise.

Multiple Location Monitoring — View multiple boiler rooms from one centralized location. Miura Connect gives managers a birds-eye view into the organization's critical steam generation infrastructure nationwide.

Data Tracking and Trending — Securely store historical data in the cloud, and select customized date ranges to make informed decisions.

No matter the industry or organization, there is a Miura Connect package that meets your monitoring needs and provides value to operators and managers. For more information, visit