HINGHAM, Mass. — Russelectric, A Siemens Business, announces its Advanced Microgrid Controls Solution, adding value to a facility’s infrastructure through power quality, resiliency, cost reduction, carbon minimization, and grid market transaction participation. At the core of the Advanced Microgrid Controls Solution, Russelectric’s transfer switches, switchgear, and power controllers provide hardware, data, and control integration of a facility’s on-site demand and generation assets. This integrated hardware and software solution optimizes loads and generation sources. In doing so, it delivers all the benefits from a wide range of distributed energy resource (DER) technologies.

To successfully deploy an Advanced Microgrid requires a complete physical and software solution that controls a facility’s power supply assets — connecting, controlling, and optimizing loads and generation sources to achieve each customer’s unique mix of benefits. Russelectric’s Advanced Microgrid Controls is a modular, scalable, seamless hardware and software solution to connect, control, and optimize facility generation assets and loads.

“Siemens takes a holistic approach to microgrids, ensuring we can meet customers’ evolving needs,” said Jason Martin, head of Russelectric. “This includes providing individual components for microgrids, such as switchgear; more integrated solutions, such as the Advanced Microgrid Controls Solution, which is a packaged solution of switchgear plus microgrid controller; or even delivering a turnkey microgrid that can be provided at no upfront cost to the customer via an energy as a service agreement. This portfolio of offerings enables Siemens to be a one-stop shop for microgrid needs, no matter the partner or project.”

Ideal for use in health care, data centers, and other critical sectors, the Advanced Microgrid Controls Solution improves business continuity during grid outages while reducing energy costs and carbon footprint. In addition, it improves facility power quality, benefiting internal equipment and reducing utility power quality charges. This is accomplished via dynamic islanding capabilities, fast, and reliable decoupling; automatic black start of backup generators; seamless grid resynchronization; and more. For more information, visit www.russelectric.com.