WELSHPOOL, Wales — A new high-performance variable frequency drive (VFD) designed for OEMs to optimize the performance and lower energy costs of brushless DC (BLDC) compressors used in heat pumps and condensing units has been launched by Invertek Drives.

The new Optidrive Coolvert is one of the smallest in its class, providing machine builders with opportunities to reduce panel space and lower machine costs. Designed to operate specifically with CO2 refrigerant condensing systems, it can provide end users with energy savings.

For use in applications involving CO2 refrigerant systems, Coolvert is targeted at OEMs to help meet the EU F-Gas (Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas) regulations in addition to energy efficiency gains.

 It has a wide ambient operating range of between -20c to +60c, making it ideal for use in a wide range of environments, including retailer chill and freeze refrigeration systems.

It is compatible with all motor types, including induction motors, permanent magnet motors, BLDC motors, synchronous reluctance motors, and Line Start PM motors ranging between 1.5-11kW, 2-15HP and has single- and three-phase inputs of 200-480V.

Coolvert’s open Modbus RS485 communication ensures seamless connection to any external application controller, allowing the OEM freedom to select which components to use, leading to lower manufacturing costs.

With an IP20 rated front and an IP55 rated rear, its through-panel mounting allows the drive’s power electronics to be cooled by the chilled air of the condenser. This allows OEMs to select the smallest panel size for the control of the electronics while removing heat generated by the drive and maintaining the IP rating.

“Coolvert’s wide voltage and power range and open RS485 Modbus serial port allows the OEM to seamlessly connect any manufacturer’s application controller to the drive,” said Mike Carman, head of sales, Invertek Drives.

“Its compact design, one of the smallest in the market, makes it an ideal solution for machine builders who have limited panel space and want complete system design flexibility,” Carman said. “The retail refrigeration and freezer market is an example of where significant savings in energy costs can be made using Coolvert, in addition to ensuring refrigeration manufacturers are able to meet the EU F-Gas regulations.”


Advantages of Coolvert in summary:

•           Optional Bluetooth connectivity (via Optistick Smart);

•           Through panel mounting;

•           Safe torque off input, providing built-in extra protection;

•           Three-Step start-up sequencing profile to lower the risk of oil migration;

•           Compressor-specific protections including Minimum On Time, Minimum Off Time, Re-Start Delay;

•           Seamless connectivity with any controller via Modbus RTU;

•           Pluggable control and communication terminals;

•           Wide ambient operating temperature between -20c and +60c;

•           Lower harmonics – EN 61000-3-12 / EN 61000-3-2 compliant without external equipment;

•           Coated PCBs – designed for operation in 3S2/3C2 environments in accordance with IEC 60271-3-3; and

•           Suitable for all motor types: IM, PM, BLDC, SynRm, LSPM.


For more information, visit www.invertekdrives.com.